10 things to know before adopting a cat

Having a pet is beneficial. Loyal dog, accompanying you on outings, guarding the house and playing with the children. Its biggest competitor is the cat, and on which we will focus today. In addition to enjoying your cat’s overwhelming love, you also appreciate your cat’s purrs, games, and cuddles. Before you start, here are 10 things to know before adopting a cat.

1 – You commit for several years

When you adopt a cat, you need to make your first choice: do you want an adult cat or a kitten? This decision was not without consequences. From the moment you adopt a cat, you are committed to yourself for several years. If it’s a kitten, your life together could last more than 20 years! And yes, some cats have great longevity. It’s great to think about the beautiful years you will spend together. But also consider committing to adopting a cat. Even if this one is more independent than a dog, it needs you. You should :

  • Provide babysitting services while you are on vacation,
  • Make sure your cat isn’t missing anything,
  • Have your pet monitored by a veterinarian,
  • Consider the presence of cats in your decisions.

Measuring the level of interaction before adopting a cat is really necessary. Unfortunately, too many people underestimate this commitment and abandon their pets just months or years after they arrive in their home. Take your responsibility!

2 – You need to consider the expenses

Having a cat entails many expenses. If you have chosen to adopt a kitten, the veterinary costs will be a lot in the first year. These include:

  • Vaccine,
  • dewormer,
  • Antiseptic,
  • Know.

Kittens adopted from a breeder can be expensive. If you are interested in adopting an adult cat, you can contact the SPA, the Animal Welfare Association, you can also contact a cat association or bar. The latter is becoming more democratic and is present in all major French cities. Adoption then has a price to pay. Usually, you have to pay one hundred euros.

Note that in addition to the cost of adoption, you will need to provide all the equipment to welcome the cat into your home. among them are:

  • Baskets and cushions,
  • bowls,
  • Liter,
  • cat tree,
  • scraper,
  • Toys.

Throughout the year, you will need to purchase food and bedding. You’ll have to pay vet fees and care costs if you don’t have someone to entrust your cat with while you’re away.

3 – Not everyone likes cats

If you adopt a cat, you should know that not everyone will share your love for cats. It can be the case that the neighborhood is obscure about a cat’s presence in the neighborhood, especially if it spends a lot of time outside. Cats tend to poop wherever they like, often including flower beds, vegetable gardens, and children’s sandboxes.

If you’re renting, make sure you’re allowed to have a pet. Usually no problem. However, your landlord may forbid you to put guards on your balcony or install a cat shelter.

4 – Cats are independent but don’t like living alone

If you want to adopt a cat because you value its independence, that’s not a bad idea. A cat doesn’t need to be taken outside like a dog, but it doesn’t like being alone. Also, if you know you’re going to have to travel a lot, it’s best to adopt not one but two cats! This rule especially applies to domestic cats. If your cat is outdoors, he may be the only cat in the house. He will know how to take care of himself.

5 – Cats need longer cleaning time

You won’t miss it, cats are adorable fur balls. But these hairs, they’re gone! Quickly, they are everywhere in the house. In addition, before adopting a cat, you must know that you must clean it regularly. You have to dust and vacuum the house regularly.

It should be noted that the cat’s litter box should always be clean. Therefore, it must be cleaned very often, even daily. Your companions will likely be scattered throughout your home. To reduce this, create a nest in a cluster and place a mat at the exit of the nest. Cats are very clean, they spend a lot of time grooming themselves. When they eat, they are much less excited… Protect floors and walls to reduce dirt.

6 – Stubborn cat

Cats are animals with strong personalities. This is why you will have more trouble training a cat than a dog. Very stubborn, cats will make the same mistakes and the same stupid things over and over again before understanding what is forbidden for them. You have to be patient, constant and non-violent. Positive parenting can work. The principle is very simple, instead of punishing bad behavior, you must reward good behavior!

7 – Cats are acrobats

Cats are true adventurers. In addition, they do not hesitate to climb everywhere. If you are thinking of protecting sensitive objects by putting them on high, you are wrong! Your cat will find a way to approach them.

Be wary if you have an exterior with plants, if your cat goes to the windowsill, or if you let him out onto the balcony. Your cat must not put himself in danger! You can sometimes reduce risk by blocking access to sensitive areas or by making sure doors and windows are securely closed. Know that if you see your cat on the windowsill, don’t panic and especially don’t scream. Gently get your cat’s attention by enjoying the treat. He’ll be back without a hitch!

8 – The cat is a hunter

If you allow your cat to go outside, don’t be surprised if it brings you mice or birds. Cats are real hunters. Also, he loves to give gifts to their owners. If he brings you the fruits of his hunt, thank him! It is also important to note that cats are very active at night. It can get louder and maybe even wake you up.

9 – A cat will spend its whole life with you

A cat lives twenty years. He will be a baby, a child, a teenager, an adult and an elder. If you adopt a cat, you must take into account its needs at each stage of its life! At a young age, the cat needs to play, wake up, and socialize. It is then necessary to ensure that he receives care adapted to the aging process and possible diseases. It’s less pretty, but that’s your role!

10 – A cat is a source of happiness!

Over the course of its life, your cat will cost you a few euros, a few hours of housework and sometimes some trouble. He will also and above all bring you a lot of joy. He will make you laugh at his nonsense, will know how to comfort you when you need it, and will fill you with groans. He will love you and will do the same to your children.

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