100 Years of Jallais Racecourse: The Largest, Live and Largest Photo Collection

Nestled in the heart of Mauges, in Maine-et-Loire, among the cornfields, the Jallais racecourse celebrated its 100th anniversary on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 June, inviting you to reminisce. detailed below, along with Best- Among, live sequences and large photo collections are supported.

It will be very hot this third weekend of June. Very hot. Too hot even. So much so that it almost ruined the 100th anniversary of the Jallais racecourse, in Maine-et-Loire. Fortunately, Gerard SautejeauThe president of the Société des Courses de la Rochardière, as well as all members of his team, was able to redouble their efforts so that the two meetings used to celebrate this 100th anniversary could take place in good condition. , both for the general public and for professionals.

Indeed, each evening before the event, three men came, in three hours, to install and move the entire racecourse watering mechanism (where the water reserve is located in the middle of the track). , editor’s note), for a track that is flexible enough to practice racing, trotting, and jumping. If on Saturday the meeting is moved to the early hours of the morning, due to the extreme heat covering a large part of France, then the national evening and the fireworks display can still take place on the same day, which is interesting. of the public, it’s nice to be able to enjoy the fresh air after a day in the dark with just a fan and/or television in the background.

The next day, Sunday, June 19, the races could go on as usual, and brought a great show to the audience, many of whom came with their families, crowded into the stands of La Rochardière. All of them witnessed the ecstatic photo shoots of both done by the driver Jean-Philippe Monclin and thwarted by Blandine Zuliania young pilot in the service of François NicolleCousin of top racers Angelo and Lucas Zulianiand also the one who used it to gain weight in the Crémant de Loire (six boxes of the whole thing plus a bottle, numerically speaking, the editor’s note) by the Langlois-Château, one of the world’s most famous financiers. Essential support of the race Société des Jallais, generously offered.

So the centenary is well-deserved, so despite the heatwave, the public and professionals alike have been able to respond to the present, salute like a single man all the work offered. granted by Gerard Sautejeau and the entire team of the Société des Courses de Jallais to ensure they are given the best welcome possible. Oh, a very important, if not important, condition for anyone looking to get people into the race. But above all, to encourage people to come back.


Welcome to the Jallais racecourse, in the heart of Mauges…

… on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Rochardière . racecourse

“Driver for a Day”, or when the opportunity is given to our dear darlings to tamper with the skin of driver/coach Jean-Michel Bazire

Although he enjoys trotting, he also enjoys galloping Gérard Sautejeau, President of the Société des Courses de la Rochardière

Éric Touron (left), Pays de la Loire Regional Councilor and regional reference for the horse sector, won’t miss the centennial weekend at the Jallais racecourse for anything in the world

Skating races, were always very popular in the time of Mauges, especially in Jallais


We’re working behind the scenes, both galloping…

… than among the maggots

Jallais Racecourse, sprawling forests and cornfields

Despite the heat, the public made the trip to attend the Sunday meeting of this second weekend of the races in Jallais, in 2022

Judge for yourself!

Due to this high temperature, the bar will again work fine!

There’s nothing like being in the shade with a nice cold beer to research the starting points of the next

Get ready, spectators, the horses are about to pass before your amazed eyes

Here they are!

Along the house road

Behind the bullet

Horse racing, an incredible emotional vector, to be enjoyed as a family, from the youngest to the oldest

Top French driver Jean-Philippe Monclin will leave his mark at the Jallais meeting this Sunday, June 19, after hitting a brace to the sulk of Emperatrice Heden and Hello Keroda

Hair blowing in the wind, Pierre-Hugues Henry, livestock director at Alban Chevalier du Fau, prefers the Prix des Président Maugeais to the Prix de Diane de Chantilly when out on this Sunday, June 19

Dimitri Lequeux, former break-in/pre-trainer with the Alban Chevalier du Fau, and now head of the Hyrôme stables, has taken advantage of Father’s Day to get his rider into races, Joël Lequeux ( Elevage Williams)

In addition to Éric Touron, the Jallais racecourse can also boast the presence of Frédéric Munet, President of the Pays de la Loire Horse Council, this Sunday, June 19, 2022.

In addition to the sprint and obstacle races, a horse race is organized by the Western Equestrian Federation

A race won by one of the future stars of the pelicans, Warren Levesque…

… to the delight of this young man who did not have a say during the event!

A meeting between road car racers and their mounts

Points to Felix de Giles, James Reveley and another Romain Julliot to wear one of our magical “GoPros” this time, but the excellent Cyril Chesne, Jallais racetrack vice president, thanks to whom we were able to providing you with some of the beautiful road racing images above

With these spirited drivers, Jean-Michel Bazire, Éric Raffin and the other Franck Nivards must be careful!

Jallais races, or opportunities for professionals to combine work and pleasure at the same time

Jacky and Michèle, loyal among the race loyalists of Rochardière


We stay in “groupir” before the final round

We leave with the winners of the final event, Sorrenko and Aymeric Lelièvre, for the silks and training of Jérôme Marion, the “local of the stage”


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