150 small dogs in the living room and lots of questions

It is still necessary to impose a morning walk in the bends of Albret to fall – almost – because the greatest chance is on a colored poster (no bigger than an A3 sheet on a wooden stake a few feet from the heart). a few centimeters) announces a Puppy Show, this weekend, June 24 and 25, at the Agen convention center.

An event that can be said to be the least discreet that the people mentioned in the provincial city at this time are still invisible. In any case, no posters were seen. A few small posters in Foulayronnes or even rue Toulouse have been seen in recent hours. We are a far cry from the traditional 4*3 signs that usually announce this type of event. What a surprise for such an appointment appointing such a “professional exhibitor”. It is arbitrary to say that it is least surprising that the goal of such an organization is to attract people.

Even more curious, the absence – again this Wednesday, June 22 in the morning (posted online in the afternoon) – was only briefly mentioned on the two-day program on the website Agen congress. The information taken from this structure – details of great importance – are not the organizers of these two days. It is the responsibility of an independent. However, we have confirmed that the show will go well over the weekend in the city of Agenes.

Who is behind this program?

Contact our editorial team, Francis Duprat is the organizer of this event. Regarding the lack of communication, he justified “this situation” by not being allowed to exhibit in the city. “Annoyingly, we had to remove the posters,” he said. Perhaps the organization was betting on a display that was “freer” than the norm.

Anyway, the show’s organizer confirmed “well, this event will be held in two days”. “It’s going to be this Saturday and Sunday in Agen, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.,” he noted, “it’s a trade show.”

During these two days, about fifteen breeders will be present to present “150 to 200 puppies to the Agen public”. “We haven’t been to Agen in a while. And Covid-19 has also complicated the organization,” he added, “but this Lot-et-Garonne meeting is still a small one.”

The host, originally from Haute-Garonne, talks a bit more about the content without being the most talkative. “Different breeds of dogs will be on display. They are small companion dogs for a family audience.” cocker, york, chihuahua, etc. these minifigures attract both young and old as they stroll around.

The two-day organizer added that the event was held “in compliance with applicable regulations and with veterinary inspection”.

Past worries

Sure, a presentation for the event but far from the most convincing. But, with this cloud of discretion, how can an ad-free salon be full?

Previously, this organizer had to respond to a court summons in the 2000s, because of livestock issues.

Many complaints were noted at that time for various reasons related to the animal’s health condition or vaccination.

In recent months, he has held similar meetings in mid-sized towns in the south of France.

A few weeks ago, at the end of the month, a similar performance was held in Marsac-sur-Isle, near Périgueux. A few days after the show, some of the owners were disillusioned. Many of the puppies purchased during this show became ill from the parvovirus attack. Some owners have expressed their “sadness” on social media announcing their puppy’s death. In Dordogne, owners who were scammed are not taking off and complaints are being reviewed. Is everything in order in this living room?

Everything will be in a few hours in Agen. “Follow the medical rules and veterinary checks,” added the organizer, who had hoped for better publicity to ensure the success of his Lot-et-Garonne event. Let’s hope that those who decide to buy will have the right information to enjoy these lovely stuffed dogs.

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