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Brazil’s victory in CSI3*, Germany’s in CSI5* and in the 7-year-old Grand Prix with a Belgian encounter at the Stephex stables … The day began under the sign of an international success in Dinard.

While the CSI drivers * took advantage of the turf, the CSI3 guys * played their mini Grand Prix in the sand. The course was a success for the powerful American delegation present at Dinard, five star banner representatives qualified to join the dance with seven other couples. Among them, our Frenchies Philippe Rozier / Le Coultre de Muze (Presley Boy) and Nicolas Layec / Best of Iscla (Diamant de Semilly) renewed their perfect course, finishing 2nd and 4th respectively, around Maya Arial the American involved at My Girl 52 (Montender). But the fastest is Rodrigo Pessoa, of course still in the Brazilian shirt, but currently based in the US. “I am based in an hour from New York and we spent three months in Florida at the start of the season. We toured Europe from June 15 to August 15 with seventeen horses and I have three students. It’s quite logistical but it’s a different atmosphere than the American competitions! I am so happy to have found Dinard, I have many good memories here!“Rodrigo won with Chili (The Unified), a ten-year-old mare he’s only had since the start of the season.”She has a lot of blood, management is a bit slick but she is a very good mare, making good progress”, he said of his 10-year-old Westphalian.

The 5* racers then take part in the sand, to compete on an A-scale against the clock. Of the thirty-four pairs participating in the event, only six managed to complete an error-free track and it was the German Daniel Deusser who was the fastest, flying effortlessly over the difficulties posed by Jean-François Morand put. In 63’15, with Kiana Van Het Herdershof, he beat the world number two in the rankings, the Swede Henrik von Eckermann, along with Iliana, finished at 65.52. Third place went to Irishman Bertram Allen and his Selle Français Empoli de Champloue.

On the CSI 1* side, the young star of the competition is definitely 12-year-old Zoé Vageon Ledy, who quite simply won three events in which she joined Arkana Messipierre (Ogano Sitte)! Bosty’s niece is promised a bright future!

Some special 7 year olds

In a somewhat heterogeneous batch, the 7-year-old’s ending allowed us to see a few horses that really stood out. The course proposed by Jean-François Morand tested from the very beginning the fine balance of this generation, with the sequence starting at the top of the ground, using the slopes of the magnificent Val Porée racetrack, before when walking three in 4. What will happen. made more than one mistake, without predicting a continuation with a fragile final, starting with the bull in 9 games. 13 couples successfully completed the challenge, winning tickets to the long jump competition. We’re sorry we couldn’t find Freud de Kreisker (Taalex) there, penalized at the last hurdle after a very comfortable run. His racer Fanny Skalli-Guerdat consoled himself by being one of eight clear second halfs with Katja Loma W (Cardento). In 7th place, she is ahead of Arthur le Vot with Fancy de Kergane (Berdenn de Kergane), a product of Morbihan’s Breton breeding, who, after being Elite at 5 and 6 years old in Fontainebleau, continues to advance. considerable set. to the big sport. The other two Selle Français who made their mark at the SHF tournament have also confirmed their abilities and stepped onto the podium. Under the reassurance of Robin Lesqueren, the FBI d’Ellipse (Vagabond de la Pomme) placed the Loire Atlantique breeding in third place. The previous day’s winner, Friday Treize (Diamant de Semilly) confirms all the good his rider thinks about it, and his mother’s former Olympic racer Prince * Treize (Baloubet du Rouet) ), Roger-Yves Bost. But no one can compete today with the times set by German Kendra Claricia Brinkop, with Toxandria Z’s distinctive Tabasco. Riders from Stephex stables can count on stature, strength, availability of the son of Thunder eg Zuuthove. Sixth of the six-year-olds at Mondial de Lanaken last year under the helm of Werner Dierckx, the boy has since successfully grown under Kendra’s tutelage and has become the envy of many for Dinard!

The results are here

Live of the competition to follow here

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