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The commune of Saint-Méloir-des-Ondes, at the gate of Saint-Malo, has lost one of its most illustrious figures. Albert Lebrun, eighty-three years old, brother of Manchois Bernard Lebrun and son of Armand, breeder, among others, of the famous stallion Elf III (Ibrahim), died at the end of his breeding life. left traces in the shared life legacy of Selle Français. A dynasty of herders, a history that continues.

After three serious accidents, Albert Lebrun decisively withdrew from the breeding competitions he attended so much with his stallions, his parents and their offspring. Unstable family. But Grande Semaine de Fontainebleau and Dinard CSI are still on his agenda, especially Dinard, his final competition in 2021, where he initiated the release of the famous pony on the track. Val Porée, in the opening sequence of the Grand Prix. Albert Lebrun has worked extensively for the community, as president of the Ille-et-Vilaine lifters association, member of SHF, ANSF, and judge. Old school? Instead, the sole of the Selle Français sticks to the essentials: model, low stump, proof of national and international competition. Normand Kaoua II (Elf III x Josselyn TF), alias Vips Kaoua, and Breton Joyau d’Or A (Almé and Fabulation by Vin d’Honneur) will provide the Olympic exhibit for brothers Bernard and Albert Lebrun as Barbarian (Quiniou) and L’ Aupezerie of Fantaisite) – Olympic Games in Sydney – will highlight the significant contribution of Jouvencelle (Centaure du Bois DS), almost the founding pillar of the Lebrun breed. “My dad is not a fan of the foreign blood that is flooding the market today.“, assures his son Hubert, who keeps the family business alive with eighty other heads, including twenty nurseries spread over fifty-five hectares. An expert who knows Albert well. Lebrun will tell us that the latter”has enhanced the link system. Albert was a driving force, a contact, a good trader and a listening interlocutor for National Stud Farms at a time when calibration was still very focused.“.

Golden Book

It’s hard to name all the “Gold” born to Lebruns, well-indexed in high-level and/or essential sports at one time or another in the tricolor guidebook both male and female. female. A Palme d’Or can be awarded to the mare Jouvencelle, especially at the origin of the Grain d’Or (ISO 166/79), which made Marcel Rozier’s hours so rich.”before becoming the Selle Français of the Year in the United States“, Hubert Lebrun recalls.

Since 1972, Quoulette (Babouino, ps x Ultimate, ps) has brought Albert Lebrun the outstanding prize of Gerbe d’Or (Starter) and her brother, the talented (but delicate, editorial) stallion member) Imam d’Or (Ibrahim DS), born. in 1974, ISO 147/82, seen with Breton François Jacquet, then Hervé Godignon (CSI). Imam d’Or has two hundred and six products referenced at SIRE. He specifically selected the Quilane d’Or (Nanking), ISO 164/90 variety, generously for the crossbreeding of Bruno Chassaing’s Massuère. The production of Gerbe d’Or proved exceptional: Traviata (Elf III), who worked for Reverdy, her sister Osyris (ISO 173/89), with Eric Navet, or Midinette Deux had a no two (ISO 154/85), Nagir’s dam (Le Tot de Semilly), ISO 160/11. Of course, mention Licorne d’Or (ISO 138/86), Kelfie (ISO 122/81). Gerbe d’Or’s tracks fade over time but some young SHF horses are still able to draw his blood. Depth.

The list would not be complete without mentioning the people behind Jeff d’Or, ISO 158/04, which Hubert designed with his father, and Koro d’Or (ISO 177/07) – CSI Michel Robert -, both from Elf d’Or (Paulstra’s Qredo and Elf III’s Licorne d’Or), or even Univers d’Or (Elf d’Or’s Manillon Rouge and Jamaica d’Or), ISO 142/ 20.

The list is long but as a nod to Albert Lebrun it might be interesting if you soon follow (at the equestrian competition?) a certain Joyau d’Or (Dollar du Rouet and Tanis d’) Or by Kannan, Kwpn) 2019, will revive the historical lineage of Jouvencelle and the memory of Albert Lebrun associated with the terrorist and brilliant actor of the Selle Français.

Albert Lebrun’s funeral will be held at 10:30 a.m. Friday at the parish church of St Méloir des Ondes

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