A mysterious discovery in a couple’s basement… Two crocodiles found!

On Friday, July 15, 2022, the animal welfare association Action found two dwarf alligators in the cellar of a couple in Essonne. An unusual find for the NGO has placed the reptile in a reserve in Munich.

We already know the urban legend that a crocodile was found in the sewers of Paris, but in a cellar that’s unusual! This is The amazing discovery of the Association of Animal Protection Action Friday, July 15, 2022, to a couple in Essonne. For more than 20 years, This reptile duo is in the basement of this residential stall. Separated owners, this wildlife expert’s former companion issued a warning to two scaly residents.

They keep crocodiles in their cellar

Normally, we would be more likely to adopt a dog, a cat, or even a hamster to keep us company. Regardless of the couple who grew up in the basement of this suburban house, two dwarf crocodiles 2m long, 45 and 30 years old, respectively. Over the course of two decades, this pair of reptiles have been baptizing the cellar in a microtubule that doesn’t allow them to swim or exercise. According to our colleagues from Parisians Friday, July 15, 2022, these two unusual occupants will belong to Benjamin, an expert in captive wildlife. Separated from his companion that he is the subject of an injunction from a family court judge, this large lizard fan can no longer come to his home. So it’s been 18 months since his ex-wife found herself with alligator grandparents in her arms, unable to provide them with the necessary care. If in the first place her spouse was allowed to keep this kind of wild animal, precarious conditions in which evolutionary reptiles no longer allow him to preserve them. Thus, the Animal Protection Action association flew to the rescue of our reptilian friends. “Hurt“for their owners who hasn’t cleaned one of the bins in monthslack of capacity.

A retreat in Germany for crocodiles

No more small pools, our alligator couple will finally be able to spend their happy days in reptile paradise. Évry prosecutor’s office, which has received documents to request their location before sending them to a sanctuary in Munich, Germany. If Benjamin had to make up his mind to say goodbye to his sharp-toothed comrades, Breeders have no intention of shutting down their operations. He also gave Parisians would like to reopen the facility to non-pet animals, provided that the facility respects the conditions regarding the well-being of these residents. Despite the failures that were clearly documented by the association, the former owner of the crocodiles still denounced the decision: “I’m not sure if sending them to Germany is a good solution. They are very old animals, sensitive to stress‘ he told Le Parisien. A caiman named Sac à main is still with the couple. Procedure is still underway to put it in a suitable place.

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