a shocking video of the association L214 at the center of a trial in Moulins

Animal abuse and intensive farming practices were at the heart of arguments Wednesday, January 26 at the Moulins court. The L214 Consortium is based on shocking videos shot on a farm in Allier.

It was a difficult day for the 3 brothers Pascal, Marc and Loeic de Roover quoted to appear before the Moulins law court as representatives of their GAEC, the legal structure that has tied them together in work for 36 years, since they have been on the family farm based in Limoise in Allier since 1966. Nearly 3 hours of debate to re-shoot these unbearable images was publicized by the association L 214. announced on December 2, 2020: “ I can’t see them myself. The video I only watched once to support the staff cowards before the exit of the audience Pascal de Roover, always framed and supported by his two brothers.

The images lead to complaints about alleged abuse of about 9,000 pigs they raise. We see piglets being strangled to death by their mothers, sows locked in a nursing pen, fattening pigs on concrete floors, sick or dead pigs thrown into crates. We also see piglets thrown to the ground, slammed as they sometimes say, no doubt because they are too weak or dead. ” A video taken out of context Marc de Roover says at the helm, that’s not our day-to-day reality. ” We work for the good of our animals, we know how much water they need, we dilute it in soups, and in the summer during heatwaves we make water-replenishing meals. “.

If you have to condemn someone, it’s I Pascal de Roover said to the president, I am the head of breeding. I have been raising pigs for 58 years, I have been a breeder for 36 years. If we’ve been doing this for this long, it’s because we’re passionate “. Then, asked about docking piglets’ tails during their first week:” It’s a precaution, the pig is a playful animal, we can’t be without it, it is to avoid cropping“.

It was a huge stress and it led to the suspension of our contract with Herta Loeic de Roover said. ” I have lived on the farm since 1994, 24 hours a day, I manage all the technical matters. Cut them off, we have to do it for everyone, otherwise the goal is out of date, the strongest let’s throw ourselves at those we haven’t done yet. And their lawyer Paul Morrier evoked a reality common to 99% of pigs in France, 98% in Spain.

But on the other side of the court, where lawyers for the L214 association and the Animal Welfare Association, have filed civil lawsuits, we disagree. ” This crossbreeding is like 75% of the breeding in France, a form of intensive farming where animals are in an extremely bad environment from which they will never leave, where adaptation of animals with preferred constraints “Maître Caroline Lanty said. And to point out once again the deplorable facts: the lack of permanent access to fresh water, the lack of care and the fact that the sick animals are not isolated, these installations would not be suitable. cases (too wide openings where the youngest animals will block their legs before they die), tail clipping without anesthesia. It is all that this animal has to endure that the association L214 wants to denounce in court by demanding € 3,000 for its moral damages. Her colleague Anne-Charlotte Boudet at the SPA argued similarly, demanding €2,000 for non-monetary damages and wanting the additional penalty of a three-year ban from keeping animals, which sparked some backlash. among about 20 breeders. was present in the room to support the Roover brothers.

The prosecutor will begin by painting a less bleak picture: ” Corrections were made, GAEC was able to react, several things were taken into account but there was a lot of delay because the underlying text was the 2003 decree. Violations were characterized and not disputed, but there was room. to improve “. Then he wondered if pig tail cutting should be systematic? Which led to him asking for a warning: 3750 euros maximum suspension for 2 4th class fines for lack of water and poor care. For abuse constituting tail clipping, he asked for a sentence of 50,000 euros, including 30,000 coins in suspension, but denied the request to confiscate the animals. Regarding the failure to store corpses in a refrigerated container, a farm does not follow the rules that apply to farmers.

Pierre Morrier, the Roover and Gaec brothers’ lawyer, bases the argument on the fight initiated by L 214 against intensive farming and meat consumption: ” Sacrifice of the 3 Roover brothers is not a problem, this is why I ask you to relax Roover’s GAEC he concluded in court. ” I understand that I risk 50,000 euros, which is amazing. I think about the pressure it will put on other breeders. Shame on the younger generation, would they want to come? Or will we end up with meat coming from abroad Pascal de Roover told journalists who questioned him about leaving the court.

The court reserved its decision on April 6, everyone left with their convictions and questions.

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