Against “traditional bird hunting”

The Ministry of Ecological Transition has opened a number of public consultations regarding quotas for “traditional hunts” in several French agencies. On a similar pattern to the previous year, these decrees are expected to allow once again, for the 2022-2023 hunting campaign, the capture of 107,730 wild birds. French Natural Environment invites you to give an unfavorable opinion on this measure.

Why should we campaign against these manhunts?

These so-called “traditional” hunts, akin to cage (mat) or net (tiger) trapping, date back to an era when rural populations used small birds (blackbirds, avians). screamer, nightingale) as a food source, which is no longer reasonable today. Trapping is difficult to control and operations are cruel and non-selective : many protected bird species are also captured. During surveillance operations, associations often find injured or dead birds in traps. Adding to the stress of the capture are the physical clashes of the fence, the tension of the handling, the violence of the traps…

The Skylark is a species in serious decline: it has lost 35% of its breeding population in France in 15 years. However, the decrees regulate the trapping of 106,500 nightingales, in addition to all those that have been hunted with guns!

The Council of State has repeatedly repealed similar decrees and The European Commission has notified France to end these traditional huntsbecause they do not comply with Community regulations.

How to join the consultation?

Appointment before August 10 on consulting sites for more information and post your comments on the page provided for this purpose. It is important to personalize your response, not simply copy and paste suggested arguments, so that your response is considered in the summary of this consultation.

  • Recording failures and golden lovers in the Ardennes division (2022-2023)

I give my opinion

  • Capture sky park with traps in Landes and Lot-et-Garonne (2022-2023)

I give my opinion

  • Capture sky parks with traps in Gironde, Landes, Lot-et-Garonne and Pyrénées-Atlantiques (2022-2023)

I give my opinion

What to say?

We invite you to respond to the consultation by giving your opinion unfavorable these decrees.

Here are some arguments you can use.

  • Today these hunts are no longer reasonable, when the food source is no longer in short supply.
  • It is difficult to really control catches, to verify that protected species are indeed being released and to ensure that hunters respect quotas.
  • These hunts are ruthless and cause injury and stress to captured birds.
  • These hunts are not selective: cages and nets indiscriminately catch protected species, such as small sparrows. Sometimes these birds die before being released, and even when released they are often injured and stressed.
  • The capture of 106,500 nightingales, in addition to gun hunting, is inconsistent with the poor conservation status of this species, which is already threatened by intensive agriculture. Skylark should be removed from huntable species and classified as protected.
  • These hunts are illegal: the European Commission has asked France to stop these activities, and the Council of State has repeatedly repealed similar decrees.
  • These decrees are intended only to satisfy a few hunters, harming biodiversity.

Let’s go further: share mobilization

The more of us raise our voices to demand a halt to these manhunts, the more likely we are to be heard. Don’t hesitate to mobilize those around you: word of mouth, email, share on social networks… We have until August 10, 2022 to rise above the scale!

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