Algeria suspends cooperation treaty with Spain after it reverses the Sahara desert

The Spain-Algeria Pact provides for the strengthening of political dialogue between the two countries at all levels, and the development of cooperation in the fields of economy, finance, education and defence.

The announcement of his suspension came after a meeting of the Algerian High Security Council chaired by President Abdelmadjid Tebboune.

“The Spanish government regrets the announcement of the presidency of Algeria,” Spanish diplomatic sources said, adding that Spain “considers Algeria as a neighboring country.” and friendly and reiterated its full readiness to continue to maintain and develop the cooperative relationship between the two countries.

On March 18, Madrid made a radical change of opinion on the sensitive issue of Western Sahara by backing the Moroccan autonomy project, sparking the ire of Algiers, a political backer. for the Sahrawi independence movement of the Polisario Front.


“It is these same (Spanish) authorities who are responsible for the unprovoked reversal of their positions since the announcement of March 18, 2022, according to which the Spanish government now fully support the illegal and illegitimate formula of internal self-government advocated by the occupying power, working to promote a colonial accomplice using fallacious arguments” , the Algerian president added.

“This attitude of the Spanish government is a violation of the international legitimacy imposed upon it by its administrative status and efforts by the United Nations and its new personal envoy. secretary and contributed directly to the deterioration of the situation in Western Sahara and in the region”, according to the same source

The question of Western Sahara, a former Spanish colony considered a “non-self-governing territory” by the United Nations, has for decades pitted Morocco – which controls 80% of the country – against force. separatists of the Polisario Front.

After Spain reversed course, Algiers recalled its ambassador to Spain and the national hydrocarbon company Sonatrach mentioned an increase in the price of Algerian gas delivered to Spain.

President Tebboune in April described Madrid’s reversal as “morally and historically unacceptable”. The head of Spain’s diplomatic mission, José Manuel Albares, responded that he “didn’t want to spark sterile controversies” with Algeria.

“Pressure Weapon”

Spain’s reversal ended a severe diplomatic crisis that had opposed Madrid and Rabat for almost a year, marked by the mid-May 2021 arrival of more than 10,000 migrants in 48 now in the Ceuta region of Spain, in favor of the loosening of control by the Moroccan government.

In this regard, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez on Wednesday said his country “will not tolerate” the use of “illegal immigration as a weapon of pressure”, in an indirect warning. Next to Rabat.

The crisis between the two countries is due to the reception of the leader of the ship Polisario Brahim Ghali in Spain in April 2021, to receive treatment there for Covid-19.

In a classified report released by El Pais and consulted by AFP, Spain’s intelligence agency stated that the reception of Mr Ghali was used by Rabat “as an excellent opportunity to obtain major concessions”. more” from Spain.

And in an interview published on Tuesday by the El Periódico de España daily, former Spanish Foreign Minister Arancha González Laya accused Morocco of carrying out “eavesdropping” on Spanish officials during the investigation. diplomatic spat with Madrid.

Spain’s leftist government assured by disclosing these hacks in early May that they were carried out using Israeli Pegasus software, describing them as an “external attack” while saying that they do not know their origin. Various Spanish media have covered Rabat’s involvement.

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