Animal abuse: L214 denounces barbaric practices used on pigs on a farm in Yonne

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A whistleblower testifies to atrocities committed against pigs on an intensive farm in Yonne. The L214 association filed a complaint against the pigsty and released shocking images of these barbaric practices, on Thursday, August 19.

The L214 association revealed on Thursday, August 19, the horror inflicted on pigs that are concentrated in Yonne, home to 1,800 sows, three times the French average. A whistleblower testifies, with his face uncovered..

L214 filed a complaint of serious abuse and asked the governor of Yonne to take immediate measures: check the breeding, punish and bring it to the standard. A petition has been posted online. The Animal Welfare Association lists numerous violations of the regulations in force: mutilation, excessive stocking, etc. Two very serious violations are reported: slaughter of piglets and cut tail. Thanks to one employee’s testimony and the numerous photos the association has access to, it has all the evidence for these claims.

Beating piglets, a barbaric and illegal act

The weakest piglets for breeding are not profitable. Weak, clumsy… they were rejected from birth. The company uses a “breaking” technique. The second involves knocking them down by grabbing them with their hind legs to roughly smash their heads against a hard surface, usually on the ground. It happens that this is not enough to kill them, the activity is then renewed. These dying little animals are sometimes left on the ground or in trash cans. Millions of piglets are slaughtered every year in France.

Pig carcass.

Documents, such as the December 12, 1997 decree, or the September 24, 2009 European regulation, strictly regulate the use of this technique. In the case of this pigsty in Yonne, therefore, the breeders abandoned these animals without respecting these measures. In fact, piglets are not affected by the emergency slaughter regulations.

Raw tail cutting, a very painful and illegal method

The whistleblower also reported clipping a pig’s tail, live, at an early age. A 2019 report from the National Institute of Agricultural Research (INRA) demonstrated the pain inflicted on animals by this method. It is used to prevent injuries that pigs cause to each other, including bites, due to poor breeding conditions.

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This common mutilation is prohibited by law. However, the European Commission indicated in a 2019 report that systematic tailing is practiced in 99% of French farms.

“They were brutally mistreated with no response from management”

The accuser wanted to talk to his managers about the abuse, but was unsuccessful… So he decided to file a complaint and make the picture public. He admits he was shocked by the farming practices, and even fell into depression.

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Sébastien Arsac, chief investigative and spokesman for L214, salutes “the courage of this officer who decided to go public with the severe abuses committed against animals at the Tremblats pigsty, in Yonne. The animals. The sows and piglets on this farm lived a miserable life, as did most pig farms (95% of pig farms were intensively farmed), moreover they were subjected to abuse. rudely treated with no response from management.”

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