Antares wins first prize at a prestigious dog competition in France

Antares, a four-year-old Husky from the Trinacria Ranch owned by Dominique Firetto, recently won first place at the 2022 French Kennel Championship, a competition in which 121 Huskies entered, from about fifteen countries. family.

This is a beauty contest, but also a Husky fit. Mr. Firetto said: ‘It’s not enough just to have a good head or a good hairstyle. Dogs are judged on their good looks, but also on their muscles. They must have all the breed-specific traits to do the job of driving. The examiner considers body proportions, height of legs, shape of fingers, hair, shape of eyes, number of teeth, etc. Every dog ​​breed has ideals and as a breeder, duty Ours is as close to the breed as possible. »

In October, Antares will return to France for mountain sled dog racing, in hopes of winning the eventful competition, including compliance and harness work.


Over the span of a 20-year career, four dogs bred by Mr. Firetto have won French championships.

“Since day 1uh January, I’m also the best breeder in Mexico, thanks to my dog Pasha, Mr. Firetto pointed out. I was approached by Mexican ranchers who wanted to improve the quality of their herds. Pasha thus become my breeding ambassador. Having many show dogs in different locations demonstrated uniformity and consistency in my selection. »


Dominique Firetto’s Trinacria Breed is part of a club that selects the best Huskies in the world. This success, Mr. Firetto owes to his great experience.

“I am 42 years old this year and I gave birth to my first litter at 16,” he illustrates. I can count on the ultimate realization of all these years. »

To replenish the herd, Mr. Firetto buys high-quality male dogs from other breeders around the world, as far as the Philippines.

Saint-Jacques-le-Mineur resident explains: “I buy dogs that are already champions or puppies that come from champions that have proven themselves. In each country, there are only two or three top breeders and I know it all. It’s like high fashion houses. We know their work and their approach. »

If crossbreeding with a new dog results in undesirable traits, these crossbred dogs are spayed and then sold to families to become good companion dogs.

Dog rescued from Ukraine

Always with the aim of improving his breeding, Mr. Firetto bought a bitch in Ukraine, in late 2019. She was supposed to go to an exhibition in early 2020 and pick her up, but The border has been closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Once the war with Russia started, I had no hope of bringing her here,” he said. They finally contacted me to say they had found a woman who took her dog out of the country. It took her three days to leave Ukraine via Poland, in her truck. She did it at the risk of her life. She saved a dozen dogs. »

Brother Firetto has set up a drop off point, in Lyon, where his mother lives, who picked up the dog, named Harlem. Mr. Firetto then took possession of it, during the French championship, with Antares.

“I saved this bitch and I’m so glad I did,” he concluded. COVID and war, these Ukrainian breeders don’t claim it. She is here now, safe, and nothing can ever happen to her again. »

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