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Breed / 04.03.2022


By Christopher Galmiche

Like great chefs, they have the know-how to develop tomorrow’s champions… Jour de Galop brings you immersion in the kitchens of 40 top flat and jump breeders (in 2021) who are kind enough to reveal their riding plans for the 2022 season. Today we’ll stop at Allier, at Patrick Joubert, man of the… Silviniaco Conti (Con Dom).

At the age of 28, Gazelle Lulu (Altayan) retired. She is a bit like Joubert’s biological mother, she is the mother of five black horses, including the champion horse. Silviniaco Conti (Dom Alco), double winner of the Betfair Chase and King George VI Chase (Grs1), and Galleo Conti (Poliglote), third in the Grand Steeple-Chase de Paris (Gr1). But, in Souvigny (Allier), where Patrick Joubert raised, the story of Gazelle Lulu is not over. He told us: “His newest pony, a 4-year-old named Idyle Conti (Free Port Lux), a bit late. I took her to work but, since things didn’t really go well, she went to livestock without running away. Idyle Conti will go to Nirvana of Berlais (Martaline). What I like about this stallion is that it is very handsome and the cubs are very beautiful. I saw three of them recently, they look great! I will put four mares in Nirvana du Berlais. He is a nice horse, good production and we have good information from the brokers. Seamus Murphy has his eye on ponies and in 2021 he has acquired many from Nirvana du Berlais. There is a lot of fallout on this stallion. »

Nirvana du Berlais may also meet another daughter of Gazelle LuluTuscany Conti (Dom Alco), the winner of the Prix Triquerville (L). And maybe Graziela Conti (Network), daughter of… Toscana Conti! “Toscana Conti is filled with Dr. Dino (Muhtathir) and she can go to Nirvana du Berlais. I was a little hesitant because I have his daughter Graziela Conti. I really like the blood of Sea the Stars (Cape Cross) with the idea of ​​going to Cloth of the stars (Sea the Stars). I don’t know if I would put Graziela or Toscana in the Cloth of Stars and Nirvana du Berlais. There is one that will go to the Cloth of Stars, which brings blood and air, and the other to Nirvana du Berlais. I will decide at the last moment. »

Head of Department for Gazelle Lulu’s niece. Gazelle Lulu’s niece and Toscana Conti’s daughter, Eva Conti (Coastal road) will go a few kilometers to reach Haras de Cercy: “She will go to Manager (King). The figure of the latter pleased me, like his sheet of paper. I have a mare in pony to Headman. He was a good German on the war side. In his genealogy we find Kingmambo, Kingman, Zamindar, King’s Best, Invincible Spirit and Green Desert: amazing! The manager is very handsome, he has a nice head, he is tall. We will enjoy it! I’ve put some mares into Headman. » Among the mares promised to Headman, there are Urielle Collonges (Dom Alco), full older sister of Venus Collongeswhich the first three products that entered the race all won, like I can do it sir (Jukebox Jury) and Gallox (Total). Gazelle Lulu’s sister, Regina Conti (Lavirco) disappeared in 2021. She is the mother of the Icarus Conti (Lauro).

Net Lovely promised Cloth of Stars. Cloth of Stars was one of the stallions that captivated Patrick Joubert, but also Paul Couderc. their champion, Net Lovely (Network), will come to cover Haras du Logis’ horse. “She’s full There’s no risk at all (My Risk) and she’s going to the Cloth of Stars. She is tall and makes great horses. We needed to get some gas back on this mare, so came No Risk at All and now the Cloth of the Stars. Net Lovely is 3 years old by Martaline [Lovely Line, ndlr], in training with Emmanuel Clayeux. In forty years of breeding, I have rarely had such a beautiful fat cat. She is so special. Is she good? We do not know. But she looks great and before training she did great. After that, Net Lovely was 2 years old, Kind (Authorized), very, very beautiful. Overall, Net Lovely makes us very beautiful horses. »

Direction Cercy is also for Farces Attrapes and Net Lady. Winner of hurdles, tower crossings and crossings, Catch joke (Kapgarde) will take the road from Allier to Nièvre to get to Cercy: “She will go to Karaktar (High Chaparral). He is a very beautiful horse. I have 2 years old from this stallion: they are racehorses! They look like racehorses. He’s with High Chaparral with King’s Best’s mother, there’s Kingmambo and especially Kahyasi, it’s fun. Also, beautiful products. »

Very good cross-country mare, Net Lady (Net) notably finished third in the Grand Cross de Pau (L). She will also meet a student of Aga Khan who is in Haras de Cercy: “She made a pony of prince gibraltar (Rock of Gibraltar), its production is really beautiful. And she’s going to see her brother Zarak (Dubawi), Zaskar (Sea the Stars). It was the tension of the horse that drew us in. »

An underground granddaughter for Goliath du Berlais. From a beautiful Devin family, Lake Tahoe (Dr. Dino) going to Normandy: “We bought Lake Tahoe, whose mother is an older sister of Reality (Kaldounévées), to Henri Devin. We’ll put it in Berlais Goliath (Holy of Holies) because it comes from a pure line of dishes. I want to bring an obstacle line on this line. I want to shed your blood saint of lilies (Cadoudal) on this mare. Goliath du Berlais is a big horse and the mare isn’t very big, so it wouldn’t be that bad! Lake Tahoe made a lot of money from announcer (New approach). She is so special. »

As you can see, Patrick Joubert makes a great mix of young stallions like Free Port Lux, Ivanhowe, Tunis, Nirvana du Berlais, Triple Threat, Goliath du Berlais, promising stallions when caught early in their careers such as the Chœur du Nord and Karaktar or such as confirmed broodstocks such as Doctor Dino and No Risk at all.

High hopes for the new season. Patrick Joubert has revealed to us the names of some of his students who are his main hopes this year. He told us: “Icare Conti is a promising pony. We also have a chubby guy who won well at Fontainebleau, Lovely cap (Kapgarde), is the younger sister of Net Lovely (Network connections). I can do it sir (Jukebox Jury) is also interesting. Within 3 years, Lovely line (Martaline) very good, Arthel’s Garden (Cokoriko) looks friendly and Jarco (Muhtathir), which I had with Anthony Baudouin, was pleasant. We must be twenty-three-year-olds, twenty-six two-year-olds and eighteen-year-olds. There are cavalry! There’s a bit of work! » In addition to these stallions, Patrick Joubert has about 30 mares at home. Nothing to unemployment!


Mare (Your Majesty) Stud 2022

Idyle Conti (Free Port Lux) Nirvana of Berlais

Eva Conti (Coastal Road) Headman

Urielle Collonges (Dom Alco) Principal

Net Lovely (Network) Cloth of the stars

Lake Tahoe (Dr. Dino) Berlais Goliath

Catch joke (Kapgarde) Karaktar

Net Lady (Network) Zaskar


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