Behind the scenes at the Jullianges . racecourse

Behind the scenes, around their horses from which they only took a few minutes to eat, the racing experts – owners, trainers, drivers and sometimes all at once – were come to judge themselves on Thursday, on the racecourse de Jullianges, all cherishing the hope of a victory. But not always for the same reasons.
For the Pralus family, it was the hour of truth. The 3-year-old trotting girl she’s been “cocooned” since birth is competing in her first race on Europe’s highest clinker track (91 meters above sea level, editor’s note) , is considered “technical” in the community, especially for the youngest, most inexperienced horses. A moment that has long been prepared and hoped for.
“Ready” for her slick test, the horse was christened the Jewel of Massara for an obvious reason. He, to the couple who saw him born, was a true diamond in the rough, “the hope of a lifetime”. Heading a “small ranch” near Roanne, Jocelyne and Jean-Pierre Pralus have “invested a great deal” of time and money – especially on the project – into this runaway with honorable origins and esteem. dream, for their patronage, for a destiny. notable as that of his brother, Cleangame. “A crack” retired last spring, with 42 wins and almost 2 million euros in earnings.Without a doubt, the main asset of the Jullianges racecourse is its rural setting, which is appreciated by spectators and professionals alike.

After three minutes and ten seconds of “tense” tension at the edge of the track, Joyau de Massara brought its owner to tears. Ouragan de Celland’s son, personally driven by Jean-Pierre Pralus, claimed himself a good second place on Thursday (according to the prices of the Citröen Ribeyron garage, dedicated to the smallest horses) and proved, by putting in the best effort. , that he has “the mind of a champion”.

“He has proven that he has the mind of a champion”

“That’s what we wanted to see,” delighted Sarah Pralus, daughter of the passionate couple, who came to witness the promising debut of the sprinter whose career is just beginning. head.Nestled in lush greenery at more than 900 meters, on Thursday the boxes and stalls of Lachamp racecourse welcomed one hundred horses, ages three to eight, as well as owners, trainers or their handler again. Experts have installed many people in the Saint-Etienne region, and sometimes a few hundred kilometers from the Jullianges race track.

Hockey, age 5, also got off to a good start in the competition. “That was two years ago,” right here, in Jullianges. “His best race,” was recalled on Thursday, his coach, before going to the starting line. So was his only win. After shining on the track of the only Altilige racecourse, nestled in the verdant landscape, the trottor encountered “health problems”, accompanied by “low morale”. “Since then, it hasn’t been the same. We run after its form,” lamented Laurent Jaillet-Denis. And after time.Nearly 2,000 people gathered on Thursday under the trees along the track of the Jullianges racecourse, to enjoy the rural setting and the eight sprints tapped into the show on July 14.

For Hockey, a real race against time has begun. Because as he gets older, his chances of running diminish. Since there were not enough profits, the contest’s door could be closed for the “comfort” and “utility” horse his trainer took, “after an honorable 3rd place last Sunday.” “, on the track that saw him win, in hopes of reconnecting with success and giving him “a chance to pursue his career”. “Made for this track, its little lap and this distance” (2,425 meters, editor’s note), trot, requisitioned just a month ago, unfortunately did not manage to enter this national holiday to repeat the feat from the beginning. He set off again for Saint-Bénigne, in Ain, after finishing eighth in the Interflora at Craponne-sur-Arzon.After three “tense” minutes, Clara Langue, the young owner of Jasmin de la Cour, arrived with their boxing champion with a smile on her face.

No performance for Isadora Buroise. The four-year-old mare, who entered the competition on Thursday after a series of injuries, did not get a chance to show off her skills. She went unnoticed, like so many others, in front of some 2,000 spectators with eyes only for the top three, delivering thrills and spectacle all the way to the finish line.
As for Jasmin de la Cour, he is one of them – only a handful of them – that have stood out. The quadruped, led by Jonathan Cuoq, took second place in the volunteering tournament, confirming his return to competition after a rough start. “Caught for three months for his qualifications, he has struggled to find his mark on the tracks, in regards to his coach. His career will be complicated. At least, until Thursday. At Jullianges, the horse whose basic quality is “tough” as we say in the jargon, or otherwise “endurance”, proved that it was once again “in excellent condition”. Starting with a 25-meter handicap, he took turns overtaking his rivals throughout the lap and making his owner, Clara Langue, proud, who from her 18-year height began to dream of meeting he, maybe one day, trotted in the hippodrome of Vincennes, in Paris.

Ophelie Cremillieux

Final races of the season in Jullianges

The racing season is coming to an end at the Jullianges racecourse. The third and final meeting is scheduled for Sunday, August 28. The opportunity, a few days before opening, took advantage of the rural setting, which would be the setting for a boisterous performance. Eight sprint races were explored in the program. The match will start at 2pm, but before entering the competition, members of the Attelage 43 association will present their favorite faction. Without a doubt, these performances will whet the appetite of families gathered in the shade of trees, around the picnic table. Admission: €5, free for children under 16.


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