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American racing expert Peter Fornatale previews the Belmont Stakes on Saturday night – live on Sky Sports Racing – where Kentucky Derby hero Rich Strike returns.

Belmont Stakes has arrived, the third jewel in the Triple Crown of American racing. While no horse will compete in all three stages this year, there are great scenarios like Rich Strike trying to prove that his 80/1 win in the Kentucky Derby wasn’t luck, and Nest is trying to be the fourth person in racing history to make it to the winner’s circle.

Who will cover the carnation blanket? See the terrain from the trackā€¦

1 – We are people

Coach: Rodolphe Brisset

We The People is back from a miserable run in the Arkansas Derby to the impressive winner last time in the Peter Pan, history has prepared well for it. In his crossbreeding, a distance of 12 furs should be within reach and importantly he seems to be the only one signed here at a suitable early pace. Any moisture in the ground will be his friend, as he struggles in his two off-road races.

We the People, piloted by coach Rodolphe Brisset, prepares for Belmont Stakes

2 – Long socks

Saffie Joseph

Skippylongstocking was an enjoyable long shot in Preakness and while he had some problems, he wasn’t proud of himself in the loss either. Looks a bit exposed and the gap is a big question mark. Looks like the racial form probably wouldn’t suit him either.

3 – Team

Todd Plecher

Nest is worth considering at what seems like a steady price, maybe even in the double digits. She looked good in Ashland First Grade, winning in majesty, and the Oaks run is probably better than she looks. She was kept to run when the winner was awarded a free kick outside.

I like her pedigree for that distance and if endurance comes into play maybe she can close the speed gap between her and the fastest. The problem is that fitness may not work. In the right place, though, she’s a guy in every sense.

4 – Rich Strike

Eric Rose

Rich Strike is a strong emotional runner. His Derby win is an unbelievable story, but from a performance analyst’s perspective, it’s utterly boring. The controversial decision to skip Preakness was also unpopular with many serious riders afterward.

This is where the rubber meets the road: will he come back from winning the Derby with another impressive effort, leaving me with an egg in the face? Or will he back down too far, make an intermediate move, and then rush out while running among the pack?

I bet on the latter. If he kicks me in the face again, so be it. That would be a great story. As an analyst and bettor, surprise is often a terrible feeling; As a fan, that’s pretty cool.

Rich Strike shocks the Kentucky Derby with an 80/1 win

5 – Creative Minister

Kenneth McPeek

The Creative Minister would probably be my first choice if there were any signing beats outside of We the People. He’s good at Preakness, and he was raised for it. Interestingly, he’s the closest we got to a horse running in all three Triple Crown races this year (he won the allowance in the Derby card) and part of me wants a horse got three good runs in five weeks just to show it’s not THAT hard in the modern game.

6 – Mo Donegal

Todd Plecher

Mo Donegal was my choice for the Derby and he didn’t have a smooth run that day, the winner of the trip many of us thought he would get: if you say to me that Derby would win by doing a closer inland run, I would have all of that on the Mo Donegal tow rail.

Todd Pletcher has a great record in this race, you know he’ll handle the distance, and maybe he can get more than a clean ride by stalking from the back of the flight. firstly. I like his odds, but his price seems a bit too short to get excited about 5/2.

Jockey Irad Ortiz Jr.  riding Mo Donegal on the Kentucky Derby
Jockey Irad Ortiz Jr rides Mo Donegal on the Kentucky Derby

7 – Golden Glider

Marc Casse

The Golden Glider was the only racer in this race where I had to look for form. When I did, I was very disappointed. He was handled with ease by We the People in Peter Pan and never ran a race fast enough to make goal. He is a helpful person and probably needs to be easier.

8 – Haircut line

John Ortiz

Barber Road is one of the coolest horses on this year’s Triple Crown trail. He is a true fighter and his perseverance is an attribute that makes him easily appreciated by a real racing fan. There’s also an interesting hometown scene, with its young coach, John Ortiz, graduating from high school a few miles from the Belmont Park finish line.

The problem is that he doesn’t look fast enough and his deep closing style doesn’t give him any support here. In terms of his tenacity alone, he’d probably come down to third or fourth, but I don’t see him finishing better than that.

Barber Road Training Before 154 Belmont Stakes
Barber Road Training Before 154 Belmont Stakes

Judgment on the Great Race by Peter Fornatale

Circumstances of conspiring to carry out We who looks very difficult in this place. The current best 7/2 odds are very attractive. I think it can recover to 2/1, maybe even lower than on wet roads.

I would probably take it in the opposite forecast with two of Pletcher’s athletes, Nest and Mo Donegal. Rich Strike should do the market for us. Take advantage of it.

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