“Better to be a sheep in France than a human on the island of Reunion”

Monday, July 21, 2022, Emmanuel Macron received an hour in which the breeders went head-to-head with the wolf. The president announced a series of measures with them, with the creation of a second brigade for sampling as well as a European-level approach to downgrade the species from protected species.

The last time a government member put the shark risk on Reunion Island on the menu of his visit was in September 2017: Annick Girardin then was the foreign minister. That year, the two deadly attacks were definitely for something. Two other deadly attacks in 2019 did not arouse any emotion or response from the Macron government. The issue would then never become the subject of an official series of numerous ministerial visits to the island.

Since then, there have only been three impromptu responses to a question from a local journalist during a visit:

– for the first time, in 2018, from the Minister of Foreign Affairs S├ębastien Lecornu. He then refers to us as a “modern approach to biodiversity”, namely an obligatory cohabitation with cannibal predators, dictated from Paris by the environmentalist,

– the other, in 2019, from the president himself, who assured us of his desire to return the seas to the people of Reunion by 2022,

– finally the last in 2022 still from S├ębastien Lecornu who tries to justify government inaction because of Covid (!)

This promise from Emmanuel Macron remains to be seen even without great hope, because the shark crisis will remain intact as long as the “temporary” ban lasts, having been extended 11 times in a row. continued as of July 26, 2013, an order covering the entire coast of our island (outside lagoons and protected spaces/ephemeral/ephemeral landscapes).

The Macron government since 2017 has been content since 2017 to uphold the line of the catch-based precautionary policy put in place in 2014. Here again, the president has failed to honor his 2017 commitments. where he himself denounced the incompatibility of a Marine Protected Area in the heart of a coastal region. A situation that is unique in the world and has not yet been subject to the slightest modification despite our relentless request.

And here’s the whole problem today: cannibal shark organizations relentlessly attack every fishing decision in the Marine Sanctuary. However, the decision matters when you know that this reserve covers nearly all of the beaches on our coast. It is also because of these rules, unchanged since the creation of the MPA in 2007, that ignore the presence of predators, that the State itself has been rescinded in court for a large part of the measures. this security measure of Peach. Until recently in March 2022, the decree allowing fishing after observation in the marine protected area issued by the State was deemed illegal by the administrative court.

Since 2011, there have been countless proceedings and trials of the shark god madmen in Reunion. And in the face of local resistance, they work in tandem nationally and internationally to achieve their dark designs. However, it is not for demonstrating its credentials from an environmental point of view, amid the 2014 invention of the smart drum line (real-time capture alerts allowing harmless species to be released alive). ), total protections of 5 species of reef sharks since 2015 (in “compensation” for bulldog fishing), or a multitude of other constraints imposed (type of bait, duration of time). , location, way of control, etc.).

Whatever the effort and outcome, namely no more attacks since May 2019, nothing is enough to satisfy extremists yearning for human sacrifice, and more This precautionary policy is on the hot seat like never before, with new trials underway. With the support of biologists, all involved in the creation of shark reserves and protection, they succeeded in publishing in March 2022 a disturbing text in IUCN level (international organization that determines the protection of species) against preventive fishing. It is quite certain that despite the fact that tigers and bulldogs are not at all threatened, because of their proliferation and enormous prevalence, they must sooner or later come to an end through lobbying by ministries and international agencies.

On the other hand, the great contempt to which we are the subject is also illustrated in the political arena with the astonishing reply of the Minister of the Seas on May 3, 2022. To a written question by a members concerned about the fate of sharks, he said, “In Reunion, repeated attacks by sharks on humans have prompted the local government to issue, as an incentive, ordinances allowing the destruction of human beings. kill sharks”.

The answer to 11 dead, 5 seriously injured, destroyed economy, 10 years of ban on bathing will just be a “sloppy” fishing trick, just to ease the anger and pain in particular of the people. families ???

While on the other side, the province of Reunion Island, dealing with another attack by extremists from the ocean, said in a press release on July 20, 2022 that it is preventive fishing itself. This has resulted in the danger divided among our 5 beach participants. sharks and “to date there is no working solution that can free us from fishing”, the effects of which are showing visible results after three years of being free of attacks and balance sheet of 633 dog sharks and great tiger sharks collected since 2014.

On the contrary, it would be good for politicians and justice to question the responsibility of all those who have opposed preventive fishing since 2011, the only effective risk reduction used successfully around the world on protected beaches for 80 years in Australia. and 50 years in South Africa.

So, on the one hand, we have a President of the Republic at the side of the shepherds while the sheep are being eaten. On the other hand, committed families and actors are not even admitted, while men, women and children are massacred.

On the one hand, the President of the Republic announced his measures and commitment to change the European protection rules … On the other hand, he persistently left us in a state of wobble, no changed the rules of the National Marine Sanctuary, which is still today incompatible with preserving human life. We are not asking for additional facilities or money, but just the usual addition of a clause to the MPA’s original decree: “in the absence of sufficient facilities, it is possible to violate the protect species to protect human life”. This simple point is enough to put an end to this “struggle”, and definitively appease our island, which is plagued by enough difficulty to remain in such a state indefinitely.

Meanwhile, the comment was bitter and the message of the President of the Republic could not be clearer: it is better to be a sheep in France than a human on Reunion Island!

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