Boruto: 13 things fans didn’t know about Kiba

Throughout Naruto, one of the fan favorite characters is Kiba Inuzuka, a dog lover who is a member of Konoha 11. Along with his best friend Akamaru, Kiba has won the hearts of fans. with agitation and ferocity in battle. Although he can never defeat Naruto, he is a powerful ninja with a strong spirit. No matter how little screen time, this Inuzuka duo is still at the top of the favorites list.

However, in Boruto, Kiba is even less visible. Fans rarely get to see him or Akamaru. Like many ninjas of the previous generation, he moved on with his life. Between his girlfriend, the dogs and his cop job, he’s a very busy man. However, that doesn’t mean fans don’t like to strike up a conversation at the rare times that they can.

Updated July 18, 2022 by Amanda Bruce: As the Naruto series continues to evolve, there always seems to be something new to learn about fan-favorite characters. The Boruto sequel series has allowed audiences to see where their favorites end up, but there are always more details about these characters that fans might miss. With manga, anime, movies and data books, there is a lot of information available. The most interesting details about Kiba Inuzuka come from all these sources.


Throughout Naruto, fans learn that Kiba’s family has a deep relationship with ninken or ninja dogs. Akamaru and Kiba are the couple that fans see all the time, but his mother and sister also have mighty dogs by their side. Along with their partners, the Inuzuka clan is unique and powerful.

It’s no different in Boruto. Although he is no longer the shinobi he used to be, he still protects Konoha and cares for the dogs. So much so that he became one of the best ninja breeders, famous throughout the country for his well-trained dogs. For Kiba, it seemed that Akamaru was just the beginning of his dog-loving adventure.


For some fans, it’s strange information about a fictional character. However, in Japanese manga and anime, writers often provide blood type information in supplemental material due to a personality theory revolving around blood type. Blood type B is associated with empathy and independence.

Kiba fits this idea very well. He’s a born leader on his team, but his tendency to want to work independently could put him in conflict with Naruto when they were teenagers. He is also extremely empathetic, understanding Hinata’s shyness better than anyone and helping to protect and train her. Kiba actually shares this blood type with the main character in the title, as well as Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Ten Ten in Naruto.


Because much of the Naruto anime was created while the manga was still being written, there are a lot of sub-plots, and also a lot of possibilities for the main characters that are exclusive to the anime. Naruto and Sasuke have several, but Kiba is a teenager in Team Kurenai, he only has one anime technique: Super Fang Wolf Fang.

It is an offshoot of the Human Transformation suit commonly used by Kiba. There, Kiba and Akamaru combine to create a wolf-like two-headed dog that is a powerful shinobi. Once they’re done, this technique requires them to rotate their joint bodies to strike the enemy. The rotation was so powerful that it was hard for anyone to resist it – or see it through the rubble left behind.

KIBA’s Zodiac Sign Is Cancer

The Naruto manga and its data book reveal the birthdays of most of the main characters in the series. Kiba’s birthday is July 7, which puts him at the beginning of the Cancer season in the Western zodiac.

Cancers are known for being easy to make friends with and also for being extremely emotional and intuitive. Kiba tends to show his emotions the most when it comes to his dogs and besties, but he’s also quick to welcome new friends into his circle. Although he and Naruto were constantly headbutting each other as children, Kiba was one of the first kids at Shinobi Academy to try to befriend Naruto.


Between his job as the local police and his status as a top rancher, Kiba has become a local celebrity. Many other dog brands pay him to star in their commercials. Therefore, when Boruto’s ninja turned on the TV, it was no surprise that Kiba appeared on the screen.

Of Konoha’s eleven, Kiba is easily one of the most clumsy. Having a side gig as a TV spokesperson perfectly suits her motherly character. No doubt he’s super proud of his little star cast, and more so as it relates to his beloved dogs.


When fans first meet Tamaki, she is a young saleswoman working in an abandoned village with her grandmother. Despite occasional visitors, they still live there alone with many of their cats. Sasuke and his team may not be very warm, but Tamaki is kind and always helpful. Years later, Kiba, Akamaru, and Shino encountered her while they were hunting beekeepers. Kiba was immediately captivated by her looks and kindness to animals.

A few bumps and chats followed, and the pair were a couple. For two people who love animals more than people, this is a perfect match. Now in Boruto, their house is full of pets that the duo love to take care of.


By the end of Naruto, the series did a great job of bringing most of the main characters together. Naruto has Hinata, Sasuke has Sakura, Shikamaru has Temari. However, a favorite fan still has no partner. Enter Tamaki, a girl who loves cats as much as Kiba loves dogs.

As soon as they met, the couple really got along. Others may find it odd that they bond with a pet, but both find it endearing. By the time Boruto arrived, Tamaki and Kiba had taken the next step by moving to Konoha together. They have no children, choosing instead to focus on their animals.


Considering that Kiba is currently a top dog breeder, it’s fair to assume that he has plenty of dogs in his care. However, fans didn’t meet any of them until Boruto episode 93. In this adventure, Naruto, Himawari, and Kiba are all hunting for limited edition Kurama gifts. Naruto wanted one for his daughter and Kiba wanted one for Tamaki. With the help of Akamaru and Akemaru, the trio go hunting.

Akamaru is not explicitly said to be Akamaru’s son, but he bears a striking resemblance to the dog when he was young, despite being red. He can only be a descendant. Either way, Akemaru has a fiery personality and quickly warms up to Himawari. While Boruto mainly shows the next generation of child ninja, in this episode fans get to see the next generation of ninken.


Akamaru and Kiba share the same birthday, which means they always celebrate that day together. While this is not a big deal in the anime, it only strengthens the bond between the two. No matter how old they are or what their lives are like, they are still best friends.

According to Boruto, Akamaru is a slow old man and Kiba is a cop/farmer/television celebrity. Many things have changed. Even so, as always, they are almost never seen separately. They will celebrate their birthday together as long as they can.


As Naruto progressed, the show expanded its roster of Konoha ninjas. This includes many parents and family members of already-loved celebrity fans. Including Kiba of course. Throughout the series, fans not only meet Kiba’s mother and sister, but also their companions. Kuromaru and the Haimaru brothers were just as important to the Inuzuka clan as their ninja counterparts.

However, none of these characters have been seen since the end of Naruto. Kiba’s mother passed away before the Fourth Shinobi War, and his older sister, Hana, was never seen again after that. While Boruto couldn’t fit all the previous characters, seeing them around town would at least be nice.


As a member of the Inuzuka clan, Kiba always wanted Akamaru. These ninjas bond with a ninken (or more) who aid them in battle. That’s their ninja way.

For Boruto, it’s a more interesting reality due to Kiba’s new job. Although he is an excellent dog breeder, he probably has a special breed of ninken dogs. This means he may now be providing his clan with dogs to cooperate with. Although Kiba has no children of his own, his dogs can bond with his cousin or any child his sister may have.

Kiba became an essential member of the clan thanks to his well-trained dogs.


With Konoha relatively peaceful, the Shinobi forces waned; Only the most elite and most experienced members are still assigned the task. However, other powerful members who are still dedicated to protecting others have joined together to form the Konoha Military Police. Here, powerful ninjas help patrol Konoha to prevent restless members of the community from committing crimes. While the outside world can be tweaked, that doesn’t mean Konoha should lack built-in protection.

In the past, the group was led almost exclusively by the Uchiha clan. In Naruto, large shinobi forces are back on duty after the Uchiha massacre. Now Kiba, Kotaru and the others oversee the police efforts.


Although Tamaki and Kiba seem perfect for each other, their pets don’t agree at first. When they met, Akamaru tried to stop them from flirting or spending time together. Although not as proactive, Tamaki cat also threw jealous and jealous glances at Kiba. Their pets don’t want to lose their owners’ attention. After all, it’s been just them for so long.

However, over time, Akamaru, the cats, and all their other animals seem to be at peace with the pair. Though in love, Tamaki and Kiba never neglect their beloved companions and just integrate them more into their lives. Together, they are better pet owners.

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