Breeder, trainer or equestrian: 6 essential women in equestrianism

The equestrian world is becoming increasingly heterogeneous with about 1,550 horse breeders, 750 owners, 220 trainers and 95 female equestrians in France. One of four obstacle races and one of two flat-running competitions in which women compete. Now they are available in everything from stallions to racecourses.

Aliette Forien, crack breeder

It was at Haras de Montaigu, in Orne, acquired in 1903 by her grandfather Gabriel Guerlain, a perfumer with horses, and that she bred purebreds. Arriving in control in 1984, Aliette Forien developed the site, forming a mare ranch and breeding ground at the birthplace of many champions from all corners of the planet. With one of her daughters, Sybille, who carries on the family line, she continues to invest towards excellence. President of the association Beyond the Tracks, she works on the retraining of racehorses. “An unprecedented project that allows the public to explore the incredible versatility of purebred crossbreeds,” explain to this committed woman. It has also mobilized to save the Nonant-le-Pin site in Orne, a benchmark for livestock, which is threatened by the construction of a landfill.

Marie Velon, the best flatboat runner

In 2019, at the age of 22, this radiant female athlete turned professional jockey, inspired by her uncle Eric Antoninat. The following year, she was the best female equestrian, with 83 wins – a record for her gender – as in 2021, with 74 successes and 387 podium positions for 900 races. painting. That earned him the Cravache d’or title two years in a row and a mixed Top 10. She leads her career at a gallop by continuing to rise in the best competitive levels.

Based in Saint-Cyr-les-Vignes, in the Loire, with a trainer who didn’t hesitate to recommend her to horse owners who were sometimes reluctant to give a girl a chance, she went to all all racecourses in France. What drives it? “ The sensations one feels on horseback, competition, adrenaline, speed she speaks.

Marie Velon.© Valentin Desbriel / Scoopdyga

Louisa Carberry, the most British of the French

As a coach, she won the mythical Grand Steeple-Chase de Paris twice in a row. The young Englishwoman who lives in France with her Irish husband, track and field athlete Philip Carberry, has made her name in the annals of the biggest diving events of 2020 and 2021. Never before has a woman reached it. Such a double is also extremely rare. Louisa’s stables are based at Senonnes, in Mayenne, where she looks after about thirty horses on twenty hectares. She teaches these horses to overcome hurdles but also to manage their careers like champions.

good school, she discovered racing with Alain de Royer-Dupré, who for half a century had trained stars, especially for Aga Khan. The professional event rider, who studied Spanish and business at the University of Bristol, has lived with horses since childhood, being in contact with nature and hunting with hounds.

Louisa Carberry at the Grand Steeple Chase in Paris, October 18, 2020.

Louisa Carberry at the Grand Steeple Chase in Paris, October 18, 2020.© Elliott Chouraqui / Scoopdyga

Pauline Chehboub, passionate owner

She shares her passion for horses with her father Kamel and her uncle Bouzid at the Haras de la Gousserie, in Mayenne, of this Marseille family. The 28-year-old young woman is the track director there and frequents the racetracks. It is also invested to fight the closure of Marseille-Borély, and participates in the service of the field in the Committee of the Bank of France. At the stud school, she works on everything from communication to management, from relations with trainers to supervision of brood mares and crossbreeds…

From an early age, she accompanied her father to Calas, the training center of Marseille, to see purebreds. Her interest has only grown, so much so that she has risen to ninth in the French owners’ standings in 2021, entering 40 horses in 203 races, winning 26 and won 106 positions on the podium. With more than 2 million euros in earnings. ” You never stop learning with horses “, she was delighted.

Pauline Chehboub.

Pauline Chehboub.© Valentin Desbriel / SCOOPDYGA

Delphine Violette, high priestess of events at France-Galop

At the age of 43, the DEA holder in communications and multimedia from the Université Paris-II Panthéon-Assas has enjoyed a good sporting career in the French Rugby League, working as marketing, branding and marketing director. trade and events. Her skills, she now puts them in the service of France Galop, which recruited her in the midst of Covid. “ Emotions about sport have always been at the heart of my career “, she explained.

France Galop owes him a five-year extension of his partnership with the Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club around the Qatar Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, as well as talks with Live Nation France to take over the Rolling Stones in July. at Longchamp. To share the emotions of the competitions, to explore behind the scenes, Delphine Violette concocted family weekends, DJ aperitifs for youngsters and 65 days of events around this year’s races. on five France Galop racetracks.

Delphine Violette.

Delphine Violette.© Elliott Chouraqui / SCOOPDYGA

Camille Levesque, sprint champion

The daughter of a famous trainer who used to ride horses after school, the 30-year-old apprenticed at the Grosbois training center in Val-de-Marne. A good student, she studied business, but, a determined opponent, she quickly established herself in equestrianism. At the age of 25, with her mare Quarry Bay, she climbed the steps of eight platforms, including the trotting cup. In 2019, she won Group 1 races with Dexter Fromentro.

Married to a horse racing journalist, she is pleased to have become pregnant in 2020 during her incarceration, a pregnancy unsuitable for her job. Back on horseback two months after giving birth to Margot, Camille developed a keen sense of organization, sharing herself among the family stables in Beuzeville-la-Bastille (Manche), where her father and brother lived. oversees horse training, and Beuvron-en-Auge (Calvados) where she lives, near the ranch.

Camille Levesque at Vincennes racecourse, June 18, 2021.

Camille Levesque at Vincennes racecourse, June 18, 2021. © Jean-Luc Lamaère-LeTROT

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