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In the heart of the French Alps, Savoie’s departments evoke more winter sports than sports horse breeding. And yet, “made in Savoie” increasingly asserts itself in the beautiful feats of international dance, the fruit of the labors of livestock enthusiasts. Meeting them through the hills and valleys of Savoy is worth the detour.

By naming his horses after his region, the late Maurice Moine could not have provided a better ambassador for parts of Savoyard on a prestigious international basis, where Abdel Saïd distinguished himself with Selle Français Bandit Savoie (Qlassic Bois Margot): three Grand Prix top 5 finishes of the Longines Global Champions Tour since the start of this year, two wins at the 5* Grand Prix in 2021 at Wellington and Grimaud… Maurice Moine, This humble man, a figure from the world of Savoyard equestrian who died at the end of May, was born near Annecy to performers from well-bred mares. Like him, breeders must show instinct and/or investment to build their mares, because there is no reservoir similar to that in Western France in this region. The number of ponies born to sport in these two divisions is low, in 2020, one hundred and eighty-two ponies registered in this manual and one hundred and sixty-six in 2021. But the foals This number can also grow because, between good results and the recovery of the local organization of breeders, a wind of dynamism has risen on the alpine meadows! While the local union was dozing off, the spring of 2021 also took on a new life with the Savoy Horse Breeders Association, chaired by Rémy Richard.

La Tuilière and Bossy are in perfect harmony

A native of Alsace, Rémy Richard has been based in Haute-Savoie since the 1980s, where he managed the Gavot stables, then a structure in Cornier, managing fifty horses. For two years he lived with his wife Nico, born Lundin and mother of Charlotte McAuley, at Haras de Bossy, in Scientriez, in the Arve valley, about fifteen kilometers south of Annemasse (74). Rémy Richard successfully battled the onslaught of Parkinson’s disease and at the age of sixty he was filled with the will to move forward. ” The union didn’t work, so I accepted as president of the Savoie Breeders Association because there were many young breeders who wanted things to move. To put an end to everyone’s quarrels, we’d like to start with a friendly meeting by holding what we call “born people’s aperitif” on May 16. Unexpectedly we there are almost two hundred people! “The President said. The second success came on 11 July with a very successful breeding competition, where the judges of the student book Selle Français were able to appreciate the quality of the more than twenty ponies that were produced. intro, with a great champion of the day, certainly called up to a very successful one: Maxim’Homme Tuilière, of Quel Homme de Hus, Holst, who gave it a score of 17.40.

Haras de la Tuilière has been the stronghold of the Lundin family since the 1980s. My grandfather was a racer in Sweden and my mother inherited his passion which she passed on to my sister Mona and me. If little McAuleys gets to ride, it will be the sixth generation of riders in the family! », Emphasizes Nico with pleasure. ” When my parents moved to Geneva, my mother started small farming in 1982 with an old competition mare. Then, in 1986, my parents bought La Tuilière in Viry (74), a magnificent place. Today, we built our own structure with a race stable managed by Charlotte and Mark at La Tuilière and counted thirty horses, as well as Haras de Bossy, where, with Fabien Duranton, the young rider, and Augustin Bord, who holds an insulator diploma, we manage about twenty horses between the ages of four and six and about thirty breeding, including seven of our parents. We are fortunate to have thirty-five hectares on a piece of land with high-quality pasture. It’s not called Green Valley here for nothing. “, she added. And Nico assures him, all these beauties work together perfectly. ” We often bring young people to La Tuilière to try them out. We also offer the choice of stallions in consultation. We want to know them well, behavior is very important in skirmishes. » To see many ponies, this system works well and is sufficient to warrant the succession of in-house performers such as Valentino Tuilière (Diamant de Semill y), ISO 168, performing at CSI5* with Mark McAuley and exports to the United States, and Lex Tuilière (Zeus ex Gordios), ISO 139, exports to Mexico.

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