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In this second part of our Savoyard breeding panorama, it is not surprising to take a few detours through Switzerland. But, more surprisingly, the horizon is widening to meet, near Annecy, one of the best Breton strains to breed. And even more unusual, between Rhône and Mont Salève, a little color with mares from the East!

Near the capital Geneva, Haute-Savoie takes advantage of this to breed sports horses with a base of amateur enthusiasts, on the French side. The Boisy Ranch in Ballaison, very close to the border to the east of Geneva, is a prime example. Gérard Turrettini, whose great-grandfather, Colonel Poudret, was also the grandfather of our colleague Alban Poudret, who revolutionized Swiss equestrianism by advocating the forward jump stance, was a long-time enthusiast. five. ” I bought my first broodmare in 1968, on the advice of Colette Ducornet (birthplace of the illustrious Galoubet, editor’s note). I was able to have Toska de l’Isle, one of Furioso’s last daughters. She produced very well, especially Gadget de Boisy (Raa), ISO 156 of 1981, who crossed the wall at two meters with Jérôme Chabrol, but also Utrillo de Boisy (Edgard), ISO 147 1994, who is starting a good career. But stomach ache… “The breeder said. ” At first the idea was to produce horses for me and my brothers, who also rode in competitions. And then, from the three mother hens at the beginning of the adventure, the herd has grown! I was one of the first breeders to come to Galoubet, from which I sold a pony at 6 months old, Quivient de Boisy, a Toska product. I met him again a few years later at Fontainebleau, ridden by Jacques Bonnet, with whom he finished third in the Critérium des six ans. That’s how I got to know Jacques, who I’ve worked with for over thirty years. Our cooperation started with Aurore de Boisy (Jeroboab), ISO 146 in 1996. This solid brown berry is the daughter of the great performer with Eric Navet Doris I (Nykio), who, before coming to Boisy, produced two outstanding winners under a Portuguese shirt with Jalisco B. , Uxmall Rouge and Surcouf de Revel. She has graced the heights of Lake Geneva, especially with Kedwige de Boisy (Apache d’Adriers), ISO 150 in 2010, ridden by her son-in-law Nicolas Tayol. At the age of twenty-four, she was followed by Holst, a very beautiful Cooper v. Heff inck, and produced several performers including Défi de Boisy (Lando, DWB), who finished ninth on May in the Grand Price of CSI2* by Bourg-en-Bresse under the saddle of Philippe Bernard, the rider from Ain, with whom Gérard Turrettini worked for twenty years. ” Reproduction is a human and team adventure. I am loyal to my riders and appreciate that they know how to work together. Défi has great potential but it is very delicate, and after testing it, Jacques advised me to hand it over to Philippe. », the breeder explains. Philippe Bernard was eliminated in the Jalousie de Boisy (Apache d’Adriers) competition, which was then ridden by Alexandra, daughter of Gérard, who also found her place among Boisy’s mother herds, all of whom were was highly regarded in the competition, such as Quittoudouble Boisy, an Anglo-arabic by Jaguar Mail, ISO 144 in 2014, who made his career with Nicolas Tayol. The Boisy Farm has 70 hectares, allowing it to be self-sufficient in hay, but other frontier enthusiasts are not so well-off. Faced with a shortage of land, Johanne de Coulon teamed up with Norman Claude Charnay to give birth under the name Saint Clair.

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