by taming its Javanese flocks with love, this breeding guarantees them a life of freedom

It weighs only 20g, is all wet and has a leaner body than ever. Originally from the island JavaIn Indonesiapadda became a mascot in Asia, and has been for more than 500 years. In France, it has been known as an ornamental bird for several decades.

Filled with love and tenderness, this sparrow proves to be a perfect companion in life.” flies towards you for hugs, curls up in your arms for a nap, holds your neck to feel safe, falls asleep next to you in the night watching your favorite show… “, as aptly pointed out My Paddain a press release.

A great meeting and decision

Behind these 2 small words lurks a French rancher founded by Gregoire Dorget. Passionate about birds and nature, he created in the 2000s colonyA parrot farm is also a sanctuary for rare birds that are threatened with extinction.

One day he met Snowa padda of Java with whom he forms an accomplice. As the days passed, their friendship grew stronger, so much so that the tiny winged creature shared its daily life completely freely.

When Gregory put his furry friend in the hands of an autistic child, he immediately understood the benefits it brought. With the desire to share this wonderful experience with as many people as possible, he decided to open My Paddawhere he kept these “smiling birds”.

A cooperative and positive domestication

Most of the time when we hear the phrase “house bird”, we tend to picture a bird trapped in a cage… Through his project, Gregoire Dorget wish forever to break the chains of the fields of Java by taming them.

With his team of absolute bird lovers, Gregory follow a specific taming protocol. ” We refuse hand-feeding (which includes taking the baby bird out of the nest and feeding it by hand). So we invented our own method: cooperative and aggressive taming “, he explained.


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Play and tenderness are the rendezvous in this cradle of animal rights. As soon as they emerge from the eggs, the newborn babies are pampered by their parents and benefactors, treating them as their own. kid “.

At the house of My Padda, birds only leave the nest if their destination proves to be ideal. Attached to their tiny patrons, to whom they want to provide the best possible living conditions, the breeders insist on the fact that the adopters’ approach must be mature.” thoughtful, motivating and constructive “.

The future “parents” of the birds are committed to keeping their health and spirits up until their last breath. As said Antoine de Saint-Exupéry :” You are forever responsible for what you have tamed. A pretty quote that screams the truth!

“Thanks to his taming method, my Padda freed him from his cage”

You may be wondering what will happen to these breeders? Simply put, they benefit from a peaceful retirement in My Padda.

Also, you should know that the members of the team created the Buuls. Quesaco? It is a customizable open air bubble that meets the needs of the host. This little house can be vegetated, decorated, and furnished in a thousand and one ways “. An accessory far from the standard of traditional cages…

All animals show affection in their own way. ‘s hut Java represents a happy distributor for his loved ones, with whom he is adorning everyday life. Domesticated, he lives in complete freedom alongside his friends and forms an accomplice relationship, as with a cat or a dog.

“Passion, Friend, Explore, Sweet, Tame”: this sound perfectly defines the sign of Java of the My Padda. This feather ball knows how to be instantly loved thanks to its sublime character and natural charm.

Even the owner Jean Pierre Foucault seems to have fallen in love with this sparrow that hasn’t finished wowing us yet…

To learn more about the tamed padda from My Padda, click here.


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