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Castres Organic Market, Sylvie Neel bets on mare’s milk

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When Sylvie Neel entered the encirclement, she was greeted like a queen.

At the organic market of Castres, Sylvie Neel’s ice creams, pancakes and milk, made with mare’s milk, appeal to curious and gourmets alike.

Sylvie Neel is not a regular participant in the organic market of Castres, but her mare’s milk products (fresh milk, ice cream, pancakes, soaps, etc.) have aroused the curiosity of visitors. This former air hostess converted to breeding Haflinger stallions, after earning her Professional Agribusiness Manager Certificate at Fontlabour High School in 2019. On her farm near Puylaurens, the farmer this young people took care and attention to her mare Eglantine, Ophélie…. Stallone stallion and foal. “I went to pick her up my first mare Eglantine in Brittany in March 2020,” Sylvia explained. At the same time, with the help of her husband, she performs the necessary work on the farm. It has a European standard laboratory for milk processing. Thanks to the benevolence of Lucien, a retired farmer, she is able to farm 10 hectares of organic land to produce the necessary food for her herd. The milk on the farm is transformed into ice cream with different flavors (lemon, chocolate, coffee)… or adorned with strawberries made by me. On order, I market fresh or frozen milk or raw milk. In 5 months, my milk will be organic, but for now I won’t be asking for a label. “ details the young woman supplementing her activity with the sale of ponies, soap making, organic pink garlic production and market garden products.

“I do everything on the farm”

“A lot, but it’s a small amount and I do everything on the farm. My core business is mare’s milk,” Completed Sylvie Neel, who raved about the antibacterial and dermatological properties of her milk, especially containing Lactoferrin that prevents skin aging. It sells its products on the organic markets of the sectors (Sorèze, Revel, etc.). On August 22, it will return to the Castres market. Its products are sold in the network “La Ruche qui dit oui”. She also opened an online store ( where she markets her product line “Eglantine soap, shampoo… cold chemical room Enough to boost the dynamics of this young farmer who faced many difficulties during the installation Fortunately, she found Louis, a retired farmer, who Things were still unresolved as Sylvie Neel was still waiting for aid to be installed to be delivered by the Chamber of Agriculture of the Tarn people. “During the Covid crisis, many companies had to close. I had to start work urgently because I just received my first mare. I had to change suppliers and this did not correspond to quote that I presented in my original filing”. appoints Sylvie, who hopes that by the beginning of the school year, the problem will be resolved.

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