Cat, dog, horse, ferret, rabbit: here are the new rules for getting an animal

Need to sign a certificate to get a dog or a cat (© Tatyana Gladskih / Adobestock)

One in two French people owns a dog or a cat. However, an estimated 100,000 people are abandoned each year according to the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, which is still too many. This is why Congress voted animal cruelty laws in November 2021 to better manage sales and adoption, and Avoid compulsive shopping and drop out of school.

As of Monday, July 18, 2022, with publication in Official newspaper of the first implementing decree of this law, the new rules are now in effect, especially for catssurname dogsurname horse and other pets (ferrets, rabbit…).

A certificate to sign

A “certificate of commitment and knowledge” will be issued prior to any acquisition, on the one hand to any non-professional equidae holder and, on the other hand, “to any natural person obtaining a pet for free or for payment”, stating clear decree.

Contacted by, The Department of Agriculture emphasizes that it “responses the importance of raising awareness and empowering owners”.

The new buyer must have the signature of the purchaser, who must enclose a handwritten note that he pledges to respect the needs of the animal.

Minister of Agriculture

The certificate will state a number of information depending on the species: its needs, the obligations associated with identification – which are needed later to limit the abandonment of the animal – and what it means to keep the animal. an animal.

“Any detention has financial costs (food, possible detention, care…) and logistical costs (absence detention, space needed, daily outings, food) products …)”, the authorities added.

For now, the details that will be provided on the certificate are not detailed. “A technical guide is underway. More information should be made publicly available soon, including where to find this famous document.

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All Buyers Affected

All buyers are affected by this new regulation, whether they get the animal for free from a private individual or purchase it from a certified seller.

The Department of Agriculture states that sanctions are imposed if this certificate is not provided, “for the transferor who fails to verify that the purchaser has signed the certificate, and for the certifier who does not comply “.

Under no circumstances will the buyer be able to adopt or purchase his or her own animal without this certificate.

Minister of Agriculture

A decree will soon specify the sanctions.

Other measures to take over the next 12 months

The government plans to implement other measures coming soon, which will come into effect from October 2022 to July 2023: a gradual ban on wildlife in circuses and dolphins, ending the sale of dogs and cats in pet stores, stricter penalties for abuse or neglect…

However, the law against animal cruelty did not apply measures related to hunting, bullfighting or even concentrated breeding.

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