CECT’s vision goes beyond nostalgia

EASYIn the 1970s, Wallonia still had about 150 horse-riding stevedorers. Most of these are concentrated in the heavily forested province of Luxembourg. Seafarers practice as a supplement to an agricultural profession or as a primary activity. People in the past often give up skating to devote all their energy to other lucrative speculative activities in their exploitation.

In 1990, about fifteen skating competitions, dates overlapping, were held in the area. In 1999, the late Marc Mousny, an ardent defender of the seafarers’ cause, proposed creating a centralized structure to coordinate and harmonize game days. This structure took the name “Comité Européen des Concours de Débardage” (CECD). The rapid and continued decline in the number of stevedoring workers encouraged CECD to be sensitive to the world of regional politics in favor of the “Horse de Débardage”. Thus, in 2001, a quadrilateral chart bearing the meaning of the “European Sliding Horse Commission” and an asbl was created. Marc Mousny is its president.

Today, the association bears the name “European Work Horse Commission” and is directed to all professions in which the working horse can prove to be a modern partner: market horticulture, urban engineering, trade pine, protect the environment and remove wood from the forest.

CECT Administrator.

Openness and communication

The association wants to open the door to the world of horses and especially the world of Draft. It wants to open the door to equine-focused associations to discuss common topics and bring together life forces to promote the aforementioned horse in different aspects and protect the common interest, if necessary. .

It also wants to be open to all of its members to maintain attention to innovative expectations and ideas.

The board of directors, formed back in 2021, is composed of people who each have their role through their specific characteristics, skills or experience. Everyone knows the aforementioned environment in one form or another, whether through professional or semi-professional activity, through the livestock environment, horse-drawn services or work. A mosaic of team-specific skills, alongside a strong desire for internal communication, emphasizes group cohesion.

This communication is aimed at members and the outside world, especially through the establishment of a new website (www.cect.be) and regular updating of its FB page. These platforms allow visitors to stay informed about activities and events, in addition to various topics related to the association’s activities.

To promote the various uses of horses, the nonprofit wanted to present itself in a segmented way to highlight specific horse work by segments of use.

Sow the seeds in a protected area.
Sow the seeds in a protected area.

Five pillars of development

The nonprofit considers 5 pillars for developing the use of work horses:

– wild horse

Used in long slide operations, to move unnetted logs (allowing for more varied handling than trenching) from the forest bed to the transport road.

We believe the sled horse is an actor of the resilient forest. It preserves the integrity of the soil, biodiversity and natural regeneration of species. It will ensure cover continuity in new mosaic forests. Its agility when weaving through existing racks greatly limits logging damage.

Horseradish also intervenes to limit invasive plants, such as the eagle fern, which often grows in mats with dense and opaque mulch, which prevents natural germination.

The long wooden horse skates: guarantor of soil and vegetation conservation.
The long wooden horse skates: guarantor of soil and vegetation conservation.

– common horse

For public and wildlife collection, water flower baskets or brush and maintain roads such as Ravel and paths. The horse is a companion in the work of creating social relationships in urban areas.

– the garden horse at the farmers market

The horticultural market uses horses more and more. Some no longer use any fossil energy on the lands, this energy has been completely replaced by horse energy.

Among the vines that have successive ground interference throughout the seasons, the aforementioned tetrapod is highly prized for its lightness of walking, thus participating in the dynamics that many species have. great wine has set out.

– horse in protected environment

Uprooting of invasive plants in protected environments, maintenance and cleaning of immovable riverbanks, restoration mowing in natural areas, or intervention in marshy areas are all example where the work of horses is very much appreciated.

– chariot horse

Whether transporting goods or people, such as a school bus service, transporting tourists or even a carriage restaurant, the horse is as effective as a chariot driver but also as emotional. its throughput.

The European Commission says it intends to create and encourage projects and services that call for cooperation through these five development pillars. The association wants to become a mirror of users and users to promote its added qualities and values. Eventually, the services and service providers for draft horses will be increased and therefore the number of our draft horse breeds will be increased. This is the vision of CECT.

Valere Marchand

Meetings for Working Horses at the Libramont Fair and at the Démo . Forest

CECT will be at the Libramont Fair from July 29 to August 1 in the outdoor area to demonstrate aboveground gardening with horses.

On Monday 1 August the draft horses will also be on display in the grand arena. During the four days of the fair, car builders were called in to help clear the aisles and stands. Less visible because they operate during closing hours, they collect waste bags left in the aisles of exhibitors. Chariot drivers were also called to transport visitors, between the car parks and the entrance to the fair.

On August 2 and 3, during the “Forest Demo” days in Bertrix, the aforementioned committee will put the horses back into action, through competitions, in the woods but also urban and horticultural work. at the market.


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