Celebration of the Queen of England. In Normandy, Elizabeth II had fun with the horses

We tell ourselves that she has been impatiently waiting for these three days to be removed from an agenda filled with official visits and ceremonies, where she has to take care of everything. At the end of May 1967, Queen Elizabeth II spent three days in Normandy visiting broodstock farms. The Royal RTT is for this horse enthusiast who is said to have consumed the specialized press every morning to find out about the results of the races.

Officially, this is a private tour. Except that a queen of England never goes unnoticed. She went from castle to castle, from Buckingham, her London palace, to Sassy castle in Saint-Christophe-le-Jajolet in Orne, where she was greeted by the Duke of Audriffet-Pasquier.

The royal show is a bit monochromatic. She comes to see horses, more horses and especially horses by visiting Norman’s finest farms. Elizabeth II also rules her stables and she is keen to determine tomorrow’s champion for herself. There may be transfers in the air. In any case, the sovereign clearly marked her trip, and also afforded herself a getaway in the Pays de la Loire, passing by the Château du Mesnil, and its ranch, in Savigné -l’Eveque in Sarthe. In order to welcome him well, the owner of this place has put small dishes on large plates and paid attention to every detail. The white tablecloth that covers the lunch table is decorated with flowers in selected colors: purple, magenta and yellow. These are his racing cages.

“A curious look”

Of course, the queen will use her time in Normandy to visit the breeding sanctuary: Haras du Pin, in Orne. She was not there as a tourist. “The Queen has a curious look, a clear appreciation. She laughed at the veteran’s presentation furio, born in England 28 years ago, then asked to see you again Franc Lurona good purebred Englishman”, emphasize Western France in the May 29, 1967 edition.

This was a private and sovereign visit not to meet the political leaders of France. This did not prevent General de Gaulle, a good prince to the queen, from having a basket of roses addressed to her. To thank him, His Majesty’s servants went through the Alençon Post Office (Orne) to send a telegram of thanks to Elysée.

But here it is stuck. The postal staff did not believe for a second this telegram sent by Elizabeth II to General de Gaulle. She considered it more than a hoax and didn’t want to send it off, but everything was back to normal. Like, it’s all the same, it’s about a tastefully written thank you, the text is, after more information, a bit Élyséenewspaper said.

Leaving France, when landing at Deauville airport, the queen had only one wish: I hope to be back soon.

Velvety smooth truffle soup and supreme jade mushroom

the ” Early “, in addition to official visits specifically linked to the 6th Landing celebrations, which will last only twenty years for a new tour of the Norman stallions.

Meanwhile, the Queen’s popularity had grown even further, and when she stopped at the Auberge le Dauphin for lunch, at Breuil-en-Auge in Calvados, there were people across the street trying to come see. Crowds gather reminiscent of the Tour de Franceobserve Western France. But onlookers, instead of riding bicycles, will see a Rolls-Royce parked with them “Ambulance precaution”.

At Haras du Quesnay, near Deauville (Calvados), one of the high breeding grounds, the Queen of England, during her 1987 trip to Normandy. | PHILIPPE CHEREL ARCHIVES, WEST-FRANCE

Inside, the queen and her entourage enjoyed a velvety cold truffle soup with asparagus, and a supreme deity with two butlers. And desserts? Without dessert, the queen is in a hurry because she clearly doesn’t want to cut down on her time visiting the stallions in Normandy, those in Étreham via Saint-Crespin or Mézeray.

And of Quesnay, near Deauville, where she lives. Okay, it’s not every day that we welcome the Queen of England at home. But you know, he’s a very simple man. She didn’t ask for anything, she didn’t ask for anythingAlec Head, its owner, told Western France in the May 22, 1987 edition. And the horses? She has a good breeding. She knows a lot about horses. He’s not someone you can tell stories to. On horseback, this queen is even an emperor.

Celebration of the Queen of England. In Normandy, Elizabeth II had fun with the horses

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