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The Scottish Fold, from its cousin the British Shorthair, has inherited the form of the latter except for one detail: its distinctive forward-folded ears, which give it a unique appearance and give it a distinctive look. more than a cat lover! All in all, the “teddy bear” among these cats also has an ideal temperament: affectionate and calm, and knows how to be active and playful, it has all the necessary qualities for a domestic cat. The ideal will please the young and the old. A variety to discover immediately! …

  • Size: about 30cm
  • Weight: 3 to 5 kg
  • Hair: short to medium
  • Color: all colors are allowed
  • Lifespan: 13 to 15 years
  • Pregnancy: 56 to 71 days

Description and characteristics of the Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold has a round face and a muscular, toned body; The limbs, which are quite short compared to its body, give it a stocky appearance and end with rounded legs. The nose is short and the muzzle is slightly curved inward, giving it an unusual expression: it looks like it’s smiling! Overall, he’s very reminiscent of the British Shorthair with his owl-like features accentuated by his wide, alert eyes, always ranging in color from gold to bronze. All coat colors are accepted as standard, with the exception of chocolate, lilac and (Siamese) coat colors. They are usually solid (gray, red, cream) or sometimes green (striped) or mottled. Its folded ears (fold means “folded” in English) can be semi-folded in the middle or completely flattened on the head.

Origin of the Scottish Fold breed

As its name suggests, the Scottish Fold was born in Scotland, due to a genetic defect: Susie, a white cat discovered in the 1960s in rural Scotland, was the first specimen of the breed. She has a pair of folded ears, never seen before, probably due to a genetic mutation. A few years later, Susie had a litter of… their kittens were born with drooping ears too! The young are adopted by breeders, who continue to develop the breed. This is not without problems: many kittens suffer from deformities of the limbs and tail, due to a gene derived from the doubling of the ears… After crossing with British Shorthairs, the problem was resolved at birth. . The Scottish Fold as we know it today.

Scottish Fold, from its cousin the British Shorthair

Scottish Fold’s Personality and Behavior

The Scotsman is characterized by a calm temperament, never aggressive and a very “zen” attitude: if you don’t have to jostle with him, this is not always easy because he is sensitive. sensitive to change and stress like all cats, on the other hand. , he will return you with unlimited affection and nostalgia. Very loyal to their owners, gentle and sociable, the Scottish Fold is very pleasant to live in both homes and apartments. Temperamental when all conditions are met for balance, he will be sometimes playful, sometimes cuddly, and will get along well with all members of the family, including animals. With a reserved nature, he doesn’t worry about all that and will never pull his claws out: on the contrary, he will gladly show you affection during cuddling sessions and will answer most of the time when his owner is in.

Care for your Scottish Fold

Scottish cats are easy to care for and manage: just weekly brushing and special attention to ears as their “non-standard” appearance makes them vulnerable to parasites and infections. In addition, it is also adapted to living in an apartment as well as in a house; Approaching a garden will obviously make him happy, but he doesn’t need much space to expend his energy. Active at certain times, your baby will only need toys and a cat tree so he can climb, scratch, and hide for a nap during the quieter hours. In the countryside, he is a rustic cat who loves to roam outside and he is even a very good hunter! Loving family life, he will not be happy if his owner abandons him despite his independent personality.

Scottish Fold kittens

Scottish Fold food

It is important to carefully monitor the Scottish Fold’s diet: it is a generally gluttonous cat, which can tend to be overweight, especially if it is not very active… Very voracious, expect it to ask several times a day even if it already has its meal! Therefore, good food ration management is essential, especially since this cat has an inherently rounded physique and some subjects have fragile joints (see note below on osteoarthritis). ). Qualitatively, it’s better to feed it with sometimes slightly more expensive croquettes, purchased from a veterinarian or specialty store, than supermarket products that will help alleviate hunger. Finally, make sure he has access to fresh, clean water at all times, renewed several times a day if needed, even if he hasn’t finished it yet.

Scottish Fold health and pathology

The condition of the ear must be constantly checked and carefully cleaned inside to avoid infection with ear parasites. To achieve this, take the time to visit a veterinarian who can advise you on the right and harmless product and will walk you through the process to care for it without injury. it. You can also choose a “soft” homemade solution based on warm water and a little vinegar, which you will use a clean cotton swab to apply, instead of cotton for each ear. Warning: never use a cotton swab that can damage your cat’s ear canal!!! The Scottish Fold, on the other hand, can be prone to osteosarcoma, an early-onset genetic disorder that unfortunately often leads to total paralysis… Again, a veterinarian should be able to make a diagnosis. best if you notice a limp, stiff. or abnormal gait.

Scottish Fold Kitten Price

The price of Scottish Fold kittens will depend on the sex, pedigree of the parents, compliance with breed standards, etc.

  • Price of a male Scottish Fold: 400 to 1500 €
  • Price of a Scottish Fold female: 500 to 1500 €

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