Chaser Day 2021: all the results, videos and photos of the big competition Paray-le-Monial

After the Sprinter Sacré show in Decize, it was time for the Chaser Festival in Paray-le-Monial in the Saône-et-Loire department. The entire team of organizers, centered around Jean-Charles Pallot, struggled to organize this competition. No less than 150 horses lined up in the ring throughout the day. Discover here all the results, videos and photos of the contest.

Gabriel Leenders, one of the chiefs among the judges

24 hours after the Sprinter Sacré Show in Decize, it’s Chaser Day in Paray le Monial, in the vicinity of Saône-et-Loire. A good portion of the actors seen in Decize made appointments last night (before Chaser Day) to participate in the evening of fame” Rock and Roll and Beef Ribs » Hosted by the entire group of Jean Charles Pallot. Early in the morning the competition was launched and there will be approximately 157 ponies, 2 years old evenly distributed and even a few ponies (shown but not judged). After performing later in the parade circuit at Paray Racecourse, when the 2-year-olds arrived, things got serious.

Paray le Monial Ring

As always, honor the ladies and, more precisely, the AQPS ladies. In this category, the judges voted for a type of chestnut named Kallipyge Forezas its name suggests, comes from the crossbreeding of Forez, combined with Marie-Caroline Coyne. Among men, success came to a student of Didier and Marguerite Chachignon appoint Kara Dalbius. The latter is a son of Karaktar, especially from shares ofArenaFirst Grand Steeplechase winner of Guillaume Macaire.
After AQPS, it was the turn of their purebred counterparts to take over. Kalizea dirty gray daughter of Nom de D’la born in Bernadette Quesny has been titled. In men, Temple Run caught the eye of the judges and was elected. He will also successively dominate the best filly PS, then the best AQPS, Kallipyge Forez in the final to be elected Supreme Champion for 2-year-olds. This energetic son of Tunis was raised by The Deaf Severinewho trained his mother Templarwith whom she won several races including a pass in Nancy.

We can’t wait to see this Tunis son on the track

After the 2 years were up, and the lunch break was over, the ponies took over. For two-year-olds, it’s the AQPS or French Chaser who has the ball rolling. The filling is the only part that is not split. Victory went to a girl from Free Port Lux and May Queen, a mare is one of the best AQPS of her generation on the flat, classed by many as the Group. Of the males, one foal of Prince Gibraltar was crowned in the first category, while the other was a Headman bred by Jean Marie Callier who has been selected.
Now let’s move on to purebred ponies. In the older women category, the victory went to Figerro de Geraldine Cillo, with a daughter of the Head of Department. On the other hand, it’s family Zwaenepoel and Clotilde Domenjoud who received laurels for their filth by Jeu St Eloi named Molly Malone. On the male side, big manitou “of the competition Jean Charles Pallot saw my pony in Honolulu rewarded, like Thierry Lemoine with his pony Ivanhowe, the grandson of the good man Iniesta du Gouet.

Here the colt by Honolunu by Jean-Charles Pallot

Then will also give a nice answer to the pony of Jean Marie Callier for the title of Supreme Champion. However, he will have to concede defeat to Headman’s great son, who has won over a jury made up of the rest of the group. Paul Couderc and Frank Champion. This male AQPS is the son of Vitamin A who was a student of Jean Mariewho has twice won the jumps thanks to stunts and trainingArnaud Chaille-Chaille. Jean Marie Callier is a well-known figure in the racing world in Saone-et-Loire, he is based in Haras de Palinges, not far from Paray. He has many hats as breeder, owner, broker and depositor.

Jean-Marie Callier holding an unusual-looking pony


Welcome to Paray le Monial!

Sylvain Dehez, David Lumet and Gildas Blain are very focused

Meanwhile, we’re busy in the barn

Speed ​​running!

Irish team looking for bargains

Sebastien Berger

Pascal Noué

Augustin de Boisbrunet

Arnaud Angeliaume and Toby Jones

Antoine Gronfier

Great gift for the supreme pony winner


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