Christophe Levalois, guest at Nevers Book Fair, will talk about man’s fascination with wolves

Christophe Levalois, professor of history-geography in Ile-de-France, gives in this book, The Wolf and its Mystery. The history of an enchantment, a great journey in the history of human society, from prehistory to the present day, discovering myths, legends, rituals, extraordinary adventures, and also summarize historical facts, scientific discoveries and archeology.

What is the relationship between wolves and humans?

The wolf has a very long history with mankind. A multifaceted, complex story that has evolved over time. It can be traced back to prehistoric times. The relationship between man and wolf is unique. We know that all dogs are descended from wolves and that this domestication began more than 30,000 years ago. This special relationship began long before all other species were domesticated with other animals.

How do you explain this attraction and aversion??

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Man has brought the wolf to be his soulmate. The wolf is still a wild animal. The representations grow from reverence to disgust. In nomadic societies, the wolf is a revered animal, while in sedentary, agrarian societies, the wolf is a negative animal, even a repelling animal.

reward Literature Nevers Book Fair postponed to May 28 and 29

How did you work??

I became interested in the wolf, because I noticed its omnipotence. I wanted to understand the source of this passion and long history. My first work on wolves was 35 years ago. I deepened my work with this book. I draw on different fields: literature, tradition, in North America, in Europe, archaeology, scientific research, human history, including those that are currently experiencing turning point.

Are wolves a danger to humans?

Wild wolves are not dangerous to humans except in some special cases. The wolf ran away from the Man and spotted him in the distance. Encounters with wolves are often the exception. It is very difficult to see it.

Where does this fear of wolves come from??

She is extremely. That’s part of the fascination. There is an admiration part. Man has discovered the qualities of the wolf. One of the keys to this cohesion is that the social organization of wolves is very similar to that of humans, especially in prehistoric times, with a mode of operation very similar to that of wolves. It is a collective predator like humans, with human-like emotional abilities, and protects itself.

Should we fear his reappearance??

For me, that’s a good sign. Nature that is not subject to human influence will regain its rights. Wolves can regulate some redundant populations like wild boar and can establish balance in the ecosystem. On the other hand, for breeders, it is an additional challenge. Worn too, this requires a realignment. We also encountered hostility from certain hunters for whom the wolf was a competitor. But not all hunters and breeders are hostile to wolves. There has been a great deal of work with public authorities to find a solution to this new and recent challenge for about thirty years. Wolves are found almost everywhere in France and are on the move. The wolf can cover several tens of kilometers per day. Therefore, it may cross a certain part of France. Here, in Nièvre, Morvan is a rather favorable territory. This news must be toned down: a passing wolf would not threaten all livestock operations in an area. A wolf passing by is not surprising. To install, it takes time.

Programme. Saturday: 9:00 a.m., welcome at Kyriad hotel, author meet-up, conference, city tour, awards ceremony at 4:30 p.m., opening performance, music and dinner moments banquet (at the authors’ expense in the restaurant from the hotel located on Victor-Hugo Avenue). Sunday: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.: non-stop sale of the palace catering trade fair (free admission). Prizes for youth competition at 5pm. (The performance was organized by the city of Nevers, the Writers-Doctors Group, the World Union of Writers-Doctors.

Interview by Gwénola Champalaune


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