Comic strip: the birds will have no more secrets for you!

While certain bird species are threatened with extinction, “Comic Birds” can popularize bird mysteries among young people, but not only.

“To this faltering world, to all those who are shedding feathers, who are spitting by the names of birds, read this album. And take it from there. It is with these words that Alain Sirvent, illustrator for the Les Oiseaux en bande illustré by Bamboo series, concluded his dedication to the first album released in 2020. Discover the birds, their habitat, their food… that was his subject. of the series, the third album was released at the end of March 2022. Debuting in 2020, Les Oiseaux en bande Bande Dessinée is the collaborative work of Jean-Luc Garréra, screenwriter, and Alain Sirvent, who editor. A manga for teenagers that aims to popularize the world of monsters. In a cartoonish spirit, with bright colors, the two creators wanted to highlight the way the inhabitants of the air lived and the threats they faced over the decades. “Birds are everywhere around us,” says Alain Sirvent, illustrator of children’s books. “In 2020, 1,482 bird species (13.5% of all species) are threatened with extinction. In France alone, the number of birds in the countryside has decreased by a third in fifteen years”, warns the Federation for the Protection of Birds (LPO).

Raise awareness for better protection

Thus, through this comic series, readers will understand the meaning of upholding the protection of birds. Alain Sirvent warns: “The stories and drawings are endorsed by the LPO to avoid any errors, the real purpose is to convey a message. In the final pages of each volume, LPO also wanted to write educational content to allow young (and not too young) readers to explore further. The LPO states: Although one in eight bird species is endangered in the world, “it is essential to protect them”. Thus, several topics are addressed: the voices of birds, their anatomy, feathers, nests, eggs, their migration, etc. President Allain Bougrain Dubourg declares: “Hilarious way of saying it. This story about birds can only make us better understand them, appreciate them, love them and thus participate actively in the protection of the citizens of the sky who are currently suffering so much.” . of the LPO, in volume 2.

Between humor and scientific truth

In this manga for the younger generation, the two men want to address the importance of protecting these species in a playful and distracting way. However, when screenwriter Jean-Luc Garréra asked Alain Sirvent to join him on the adventure, the designer had no specific knowledge of birds. “At first, drawing sparrows and sparrows bothered me a bit… I didn’t think about all the birds around (laughs). Indeed, the three volumes showcase a multitude of species, sometimes unknown to the general public: the clam can stay underwater for fifteen seconds, the Philippine pithecophagus eats monkeys, the kea nestor is the only carnivorous parrot. known, or the bald eagle, is famous as the symbol of the United States. To highlight them, the illustrator of the famous series Les Toubibs had to first immerse himself in the world of birds. “A comic page takes a day of research. It is important to know what environment a particular bird lives in, know the flora and fauna around it, the difference between a male and a female bird, etc. to be able to put it on the chess board in the wild. of it,” he declared.

nature love

An apprenticeship eventually turned into a passion. “Since the Les Oiseaux series, I have become crazy about birds. As soon as I leave the house, I take my camera with me. It became haunting as soon as I heard one pass by,” he laughs. Due to being adopted by Drôme, it is perhaps no coincidence that Alain Sirvent loves this part. “I had to move fifty-six times (laughs),” admitted the 1961 Algerian.
“Finally, I was looking for a place where I felt good to work. I love to observe the landscape, see the nature, the rivers create a good thing for this”, he rejoiced. Therefore, with passion, the designer will begin to illustrate the discs of the fourth album. At the same time, Alain Sirvent is working on a new series of films on the subject of plants and their characteristics. “It is true that a circle around nature has been created that I am not really looking for. I also organize exhibitions on the cycle of water, grains…” recalls the illustrator with many hats.

OFFERes Cartoon Chim
Publisher: Bamboo Edition
Screenwriter: Jean-Luc Garrera
Designer: Alain Sirvent
Colorist: David Lunven
Episodes: three (last released in March 2022)
Price: 10.95 euros each

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