Court: Did this Aveyron farm with 100,000 sheep abuse antibiotics?

Father and son Grimal as well as their two veterinarians appeared from 2:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. in front of Rodez court on Wednesday.

Raymond Grimal will soon turn 80 years old. Under his snow-white hair, the man seemed much less. The sky blue sweatshirt and matching loafers even give him a certain presence. On Wednesday, when he was called to the court bar, he asked the president for “a small clarification.” It should last a few minutes and sound like a cry from the heart. “I’ve been cattle rancher for more than 50 years, I’m the mayor of my village (Rullac-Saint-Cirq) at the age of 26, two prefects have come to my house because I’m an example for the Aveyron economy. If you were my age, I would never have imagined this. We are Death! We are recognized by everyone and I don’t want to lose my honor today.” And …

As Raymond puts it, the Grimals were first and foremost brothers who, in the middle of their glorious thirty years, began fattening the lambs in Roquefort’s AOP territory. At the time, the keyword was productivity. The small family farm is changing. From a lamb wrap, it grew to a dozen. Then Raymond invited his son Johan, an agricultural engineer, to continue the business. We are no longer talking about livestock, but about the industry, even if two men like to put “in inverted commas” this term. Every year, 100,000 lambs pass through Parizot. SARL Grimal is one of the largest farms in France in this regard. Naturally, the large distribution made his eyes soft. In the 2000s, a treaty was made with Intermarché and its distributor brand: Jean Rozé. “French meat, labeled and high quality”, is its tagline. At Grimals, small business is more profitable, and 200 suppliers from the entire region depend in part on them. At Parizot, the dividends are six figures, a whole different world from so-called traditional farms like Aveyron, where thousands…

Video L214

But in July 2020, the cameras invite themselves into the sheepfold. At night. They are from L214, but “fear all the breeders”. We saw the lambs piled up, hard to reach with the drinking and feeding troughs. Some crippled, some dead. In fact, a sheep is only 0.4m2 for him, compared to the 0.5 in the regulation. He does not see the light of day, “but that’s normal: the Lacaune breed is extremely fragile”, Raymond emphasized. For illness, “It’s like everywhere”.

The video especially immerses us in the process of intensive breeding. In there “you must be active”, underline Johan, son. In the video released, justice looks at this farm with 100,000 sheep with the help of the national brigade of veterinary and phytosanitary investigations (BNEVP), based in Paris. Because more than animal abuse, dosage “excessive” Antibiotics found in sheep barns raise questions. Here we are talking about Draxxin, which can treat respiratory diseases. In 2019, Grimals ordered 279 bottles for just over 100,000 euros… “A quantity beyond reason”pointed out one of the investigators, explaining that the amount of food laced with drugs was also “abnormal volume”. According to his calculations, only 15 vials can cure the disease of cattle.

Sheep “stuffed” with antibiotics?

Court and president Sylvie Rouanne wondered: are Grimal sheep “stuffed” with antibiotics, posing a risk to public health and antibiotic resistance for consumers? With the help of “slightly mild” veterinarians, are breeders self-medicating out of control? Two of these veterinarians, based in Villefranche-de-Panat, were also on the defendants’ bench Wednesday. Their national order pursued them. “When Mr. Grimal ordered 50 bottles, I knew he needed them. We were dealing with a professional. The quantity seemed overwhelming, but all the numbers are superfluous in this type of breeding.”Underline one of the two doctors.

The problem is that the registry of care as well as the protocols are not up to date, or even nonexistent. Then it was feared that Grimals and their staff would inject this famous Draxxin into all the lambs, while it was prescribed only to the weakest. Some people even imagine some authorities in 90 days fattening the animals at Aveyron before they are slaughtered… “I can’t even imagine it”will only answer the investigator to these questions. “Investigators base themselves on the basic dosage, but in reality it’s completely different! We have sent almost 1,000,000 sheep to Intermarché, with economic profit we will never have a problem fun cheating!”Johan Grimal explains for his part.

“We prescribe drugs all the time, no control”

After more than eight hours of arguments, one of the two veterinarians’ attorneys prosecuted, USAe Alain Armandet of the bar Montpellier, wants to be less sympathetic. “L214 mistook for Grimals. There was no abuse. So we built a profile with veterinary professionals. Savvy people expressing themselves well and playing with the ponies in the area. District 16.” While the others, Grimals and the vet, they are assholes! And they want us to believe that they created a criminal association to make money? In this case, it’s ideology. If they don’t earn that much, they will stay calm. That having administrative I give you is wrong. But let’s stop with French formalism because in the end we will have more administrative staff than caregivers in our hospitals. “

Prosecutor Bernard Salvador doesn’t have exactly the same readings. To him, the holes are “guilty”. “We prescribe drugs all over the place and there’s no control. The vets visit the farm twice a year! Time is money for these gentlemen. And so we have to operate. as they say and we can do anything”He stressed, before asking for a fine for each defendant: €10,000 including €5,000 suspension for two veterinarians and €5,000 including €2,500 for breeders.

The court leaves the summer to decide and will issue a decision on September 14, at 9 a.m. For the L214 link, at the beginning of this whole process, the requirements “Iconic”. “Once again, the animals were largely forgotten and their suffering was completely negated in this experiment.”begged their attorney, USAe Hélène Thouy, remember that “excessive labor is only a consequence of intensive farming. There is a real danger to public health with this type of farm”.

It is eleven o’clock in the evening, President Sylvie Rouanne concludes the debates, “tired”. Raymond Grimal does not. He crossed the courtroom and ran to catch up with the investigator from the veterinary brigade. “You are too much! We are workers! We work from morning to night for the lamb!”he threw at her, before the intervention of security…

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