Dances with Wolves, Lady of the Camellias, Alchemy by Dire Straits… Cultural Choices by Franck Gilbert

Born in Bourges in 1968, Franck Gilbert has always lived here, outside of her time studying computer science at Nevers. He worked for 25 years in social housing between Opac, Oph, Jacques-Coeur Habitat and Val de Berry before starting work in 2019. Of course, in 1995, he started raising Horses. Son, of course the American horse. At the beginning of May, the city of Bell Fouche was born.

Movie. “No context Dancing with wolves. My hit movie in all possible versions but director’s cut is the most relevant part of the book. I watched the movie on TV, watched it and watched it again. This was one of the first Western rehabilitated Indians. Fascinating, from the Civil War to the friendship with the Sioux. The scenery is special and that’s one of the reasons why I came to Dakota. I even went to places where the scenes were filmed.

Pale Rider, the lone rider by Clint Eastwood was the first film to be seen in a cinema. I played cowboys and Indians in the Gibjoncs district, near the Yves-du-Manoir stadium. Series 1883prequel to the series Yellowstone really excellent like Deadwood. I really like The Magnificent Seven especially for Yul Brynner. The need Once upon a time in the West. Cruel by Clint Eastwood. My name is nobody, the only western spaghetti that I like. To get out of the west, avenger with DiCaprio for a true story or even And in the middle flows the river, Legendary autumn or Belgian movies Alabama Monroe. Sad but beautiful. »

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Book. “Reading is a great passion and ever since I passed the baccalaureate, I’ve been inclined to like Lady of the Camellias. A fascinating story about a palace maiden’s thwarted love. I memorized the first sentences and I recommend everyone to read this novel. For the past few years, I have mainly focused on reading history books about the West with authors I follow as soon as they release a book, such as Farid Ameur. There are a lot of books, just like there are a lot of comic books that focus on this period. I am a fan of Blue tunic but not lucky or of blueberries. »

Plate. “My favorite album is a double live Alchemy from Dire Strait with Telegraph Road. If you listen, it’s the 13 chapters of America’s construction pioneers’ conquest of the West through all the emotions. I listened to it when I was 16 and it’s still great. Private investigation also long and good with a distinctive sound.

Background music of‘Once upon a time in the West, all the same. It’s fluffy. Wonderful. I also love Johnny Cash, Willy Nelson, Dolly Parton, one hell of a woman. I listen to country bluegrass. »

Work. “Mad Horse Memorial in South Dakota, a work by Korczak Ziólkowski in memory of the Sioux leader with his head and horse. It was carved from rock in the mountains with private funds. The sculptor is dead but the work continues. »

Fetish object. “It was a pistol, a .36-caliber Navy Colonel, used by my idol, Wild Bill Hickok, a Western character. It works with black powder. It’s a historic weapon, 1851 style, pretty heavy, for my character. »

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