de-France – Valenciennes: Robin recognizes your animal portraits

A few years ago, 26-year-old Robin Del started making pet portraits herself. The paintings are of photo-realistic quality, satisfying customers who love their drawings.

From the study of visual arts to the execution of animal portraits

This young man from Valenciennes, who works as a cultural mediator at MusVerre in Sars-Poaries in the Avesnois region, holds a degree in visual arts and a master’s degree in MEEF (Teaching, Education and Training). His passion for painting, Robin has trouble explaining it except to highlight “curiosity“Nature:”After graduating from baccalaureate I decided to go into visual arts, initially I painted as part of my study project, then I decided to choose animal portraiture.“.

Childhood is surrounded by animals

Much easier to understand about Robin’s fascination with animal models: “I grew up with animals, dogs, cats, rabbits, tortoises, my parents sometimes raise a little“.

To create portraits of our four-legged friends, Robin works from photos provided by his clients:I request a reference photo, which will be used to represent the animal on canvas and other photographs, in an attempt to better understand the animal’s form, expression, and personality.“.

What is the difference between drawing human portraits and animal portraits? “Not really, it’s just a question of technique… Well, it could be a fact that human skin is smoother while animals require real precision to enhance their fur. (laugh) “.

Artist Robin Del pays close attention to detail, as here he uses a brush to polish the irises of a cat.

Photorealism and attention to detail

The artist mainly works with oil paints on different large and small paintings: “I think I will also provide watercolors or pencils in the future“. Making a canvas painting required the young artist to work several weeks, counting the number of drying and drying times the painting: ““It’s hard to estimate but in terms of pure painting time, I think I could spend a day or two on canvas.but I don’t see the passage of time when I draw‘ he laughs. It’s a very time consuming job, especially for being a good perfectionist and to thank these models, Robin has an eye for detail:”If I listen to myself, I won’t stop adding more ! (laugh) “

Abstract and colorful background, a little modern for these animal portraits

The animals drawn by Robin are all rendered against an abstract background, which gives an aesthetic and contemporary aspect to his works that one could easily imagine decorating the living room wall. of a modern loft: “I like the contrast created by the backdrop, generally my clients let me improvise, but I listen to them if they have specific requests.“.

Dogs, cats and maybe someday iguanas and birds

At the time of writing these lines, the young artist only had the opportunity to paint dogs and cats on these canvases but he remains open to any orders, especially from NAC (New Pets) side: “I want to draw animals with fur or scales“. Speaking of the challenge, Robin has just been ordered a 1-meter-long canvas, on which he will have to represent the different pets of a family.

In terms of price, it will cost 150 euros for a 150×70 cm canvas, the price may vary depending on the size of the canvas and the specific requirements of the customer.

Canvas portrait of a dog in oil paint by Robin Del

The artist will paint the most beautiful dog portrait in Hauts-de-France

Robin Del will draw a portrait of the winner of the contest for the most beautiful dog in Hauts-de-France

The artist is a partner in the competition for the most beautiful dog in Hauts-de-France, the dog’s owners will top the votes on June 26, so there will be a chance for their animal to stand out. Death in the brushstrokes of Robin. .

If you would like to know more about Robin Del’s work, or order his paintings, you can contact him via his Facebook Page or contact him: 07 66 12 22 86 / robin.artanimalier

In the near future, Robin Del will showcase her talents at various animal fairs in the area.

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