De Treville: Is Rashit Shaykhutdinov right to believe that?

History is rife with disasters and rarer embellishments with breeders supporting their own body and soul (plus finance…) It looks like De Treville is part of the 2nd category, to the delight of Rashit Shaykhutdinov, who supported him from the start and won the new award with Gain It, an impressively undefeated 2-year-old. .

From Treville

Examples of victims of their emotions are so numerous that it would be tedious and above all cruel to embark on an exhaustive list. Quote of misfortune Olivier Lecerfwinner of the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe with Subotica, and who then spent his fortune buying mares specially made for him to keep on the ground, over the years, an endless series of “goats”, as one from Nièvre, who would realize he would say. We remember successes more easily, because we have selective memory and have far fewer examples. In France, let us quote Jean-Luc Lagardere with Linamix and Guy Pariente with Kendargentwho carry in their hands their future stars that no one believes in in the first place. Gerard Augustin-Normand can be added to this list with Le Havredied at the beginning of the year.

Rashit Shaykhutdinov

He was also stationed at Montfort & Préaux, which became Sumbe, From Treville about to become Rashit Shaykhutdinov that Kendargent intended for Guy Pariente. Without a black winner (4 times placed in the 1400 to 1800 m group with André Fabre at 2 and 3 years old), De Treville entered certain unnamed horse races in 2018. He started at Thenney, where the following owners have changed. years, then to Mézeray, where Rashit Shaykhutdinov was stationed for his children, but this ended his activities soon after… Shaykhutdinov remained in place after Nurlan Bizakov bought the place and the horse was in fact transferred to the Montfort & Préaux Court, also acquired by the investor from Kazakhstan who grouped everything under the Sumbe entity.

De Treville au canter before the Prix Paul de Moussac (Gr.3), where he finished 3rd. (APRH photo)

Rashit Shaykhutdinov acquired De Treville for the coveted Gns 825,000 at Tattersalls. It must be said that it is the first product, for Oasis dreamof the champion Dar Re Mi. Daughter of Darara (Prix Vermeille, Gr.1), granddaughter of Darshaanand she’s a three-time Gr.1 winner, will do just as well in skill as in the ring, with her rear ponies So Mi Dar, Lah Ti Dar and more Too hot.

The breeder has been massively supportive of his stallion, of which he has 12 products in the first season in 2019 and 19 products in the second season in 2020, which is about half of the total production. ! To complete his endeavor, he placed his boarding students in Chantilly with Fabrice Chappet and Georgios Alimpinisis.

Gain It, ridden by Sylvain Ruis, under contract with the owner. (APRH photo)

Risky, this investment however was rewarded very quickly with diadem who opened her father’s prize list in June for her 2nd birthday in 2021. She even doubled her bet in Lyon and became black by placing 2nd in Jouvenceaux and Jouvencelles (L) in Vichy. Then there are some interesting winners with Miss Treville, De Troisville and Gregarina, 2nd place in the Prix Volterra (L) in June at Longchamp. Later’s younger brother, Achieve it seems to be able to climb a new course.

Gain It trails the opposition by 7 lengths in the Amber Rama Awards.

The winner easily started June 24 in Saint-Cloud, son of De Treville, bought back 28,000 euros in Deauville, leaving his rivals behind on the 2nd outing on July 16 in Prix ​​Amber Rama, 2nd place, under the saddle by Sylvain Ruis. He was far ahead of Ser Sed, a resident of Joël Boisnard, who had twice succeeded at the Lion d’Angers. Suffice it to say that De Treville is definitely churning out an excellent 2-year-old capable of winning the unlucky style. Even with the backing of a wealthy owner, it would be quite a remarkable performance for a stallion priced at 2,500 euros, arguably the cheapest stallion by list price of all. both large Normandy stud farms.


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