Discover 5 War Dog Breeds

Some dogs accompany troops on the battlefield or in barracks life.

While there are many companion dog breeds, there are also several utility breeds. The latter are suitable for performing specific jobs, such as rescue at sea or monitoring farms.

In military contexts, war dogs are also used. What does this designation mean? What are the most popular dog breeds in this region?

War dog: definition

War dogs are not only required in the context of armed conflict, as is the case with historical periods such as antiquity or the First World War. Above all, it is a working dog that acts in the military field. So he is educated to perform tasks or respond to specific commands.

The physical and intellectual abilities of a war dog are used for various actions. This especially applies to patrols, guarding an area or detecting explosives and mines. It can be used to transmit messages discreetly.


The Rottweiler was used during the Second World War. sanya_zx9r /

Considered an excellent guard dog, the Rottweiler is an animal with a very good protective temperament, active spirit and independence. From studying resolutely and patiently, he studied quickly and obediently. In the 20th century, it was called a shepherd dog to monitor the herd. Then we found him as a police dog and watchdog in several prisons.

We also appreciate his skill as a battle dog. He distinguished himself, among other things, with his feats of arms during the Second World War. At that time, it was trained to destroy enemy armored tanks with mines.

Alaskan Husky

Alaskan Husky is often used to protect barracks. annaav /

The Alaskan Husky is an animal prized for speed, strength and endurance. Above all, he is recognized as an excellent sled dog. Many teams include one or more specimens, especially races in the wild with distances of several kilometers.

This breed was primarily bred for utility. Listening to its owner, it is also known as a war dog. If there are no notable historical facts about the Alaskan Husky, this dog has the qualities needed for various missions in the field. For example, patrol in enemy territory or monitor barracks.

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is the most iconic war dog breed. vprotastchik /

The German Shepherd is the most iconic war dog breed. Undoubtedly, this is due to the success of the Rintintin series where the animal is a military dog. Throughout the episodes, we see him complete a variety of missions, such as rescuing or assisting soldiers in trouble, monitoring enemy areas, and even shoots.

The German Shepherd is distinguished by intelligence, the ability to learn and adapt. In the army, he was assigned a number of duties, starting with the First World War. He can carry ammo behind the front lines, assist a stretcher, or do rounds. It is found in other major conflicts of the 20th century, such as the Second World War, the Korean War, the Indochina War or, more recently, in Afghanistan.

Malinois . Shepherd Dog

We found the Malinois Shepherd with the Red Cross. nordantin /

With a physique and temperament similar to that of a German Shepherd, the Malinois Shepherd Dog is appreciated as much as a war dog. It is found for many delicate tasks such as border control or patrol. He also accompanies members of the Red Cross. In addition, he has a leading role as a messenger in various conflicts. There was even talk of a telegraph dog!

He has exceptional physical and intellectual abilities. It is not uncommon for members of special forces (USA, UK, France, etc.) to have a Malinois Shepherd to accompany them during the most dangerous operations. Some animals are educated and trained to skydive. It is also used in mine clearance or explosive detection missions.

American Staffordshire

American Staffordshires were sometimes used to guard prisoners. deviddo /

With its hound-like appearance, the American Staffordshire is above all the type for confrontation. Throughout history, it has faced many enemies: in particular, rats, gaurs and even bears. Its role as a battle dog is somewhat erased by its status as a fighting dog.

However, some legions used it to monitor prisoners and barracks, as well as other tasks. Although sources are rare about his feats of arms, one can associate Stubby, the most decorated dog in US military history. Currently, the US Army no longer uses the US General Staff in its ranks.


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