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Sommet de L’Elevage, which will run from October 4-7, rewards 11 innovations with Golden Summits

The Sommets d’Or 2022 list includes 11 award-winning initiatives in 4 categories: machinery, equipment, services and animal welfare.

This year, the Sommet de l’Elevage will run for 4 days, from October 4 to 7. It is expected to have more than 1,500 exhibitors, 2,000 animals and 100,000 visitors. Among the highlights, Golden Summits rewards livestock-focused innovations. Curtain up Winner of the Sommets d’Or 2022.

Winner of the 2022 Sommets d’Or in the machinery category

first / New Holland: T6.180 . methane-powered tractor

T6.180 Methane Power is currently the only biomethane powered agricultural tractor on the market. A fuel that could promote energy autonomy for farms. The announced performances are identical to those of the GNR-powered tractor. Exterior booth 0518

2 / Weidemann: Sliding steering loader 1190e

The 1190e compact loader has an all-electric drive system. It has the same functions as its diesel counterpart. Exterior booth 0614

Weidemann excavator 1190e with fully electric drive

The Weidemann 1190e charger has 3 different types of Li-ion batteries for you to choose from.

3/ Yanigav: Hydrochoc MPEV 600 CT . pile driver

MPEV 600 CT is a pile driver that can be installed on a variety of equipment such as tractors, remote control machines, mechanical shovels, etc. Its operation ensures no vibration in the carrier’s swingarm. The clamp prevents the user from having to leave the service provider for installation. Booth outside 1705

Golden Summits rewards for farm equipment

first / Agragex: sludge analyzer

The mud tester is a solution compatible with all brands of mud trucks. Installed in the tank, it allows to measure the concentration of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the sludge. The values ​​are displayed on the smartphone. Exterior booth 1542

The mud tester is compatible with all brands of mud trucks

The mud tester analyzes the composition of the sludge in real time.

2 / Biography: ileal transplant

Anipile is an implant that is inserted under the skin of an animal. It can detect all fertility related events. Information transferred to the breeder’s smartphone. Hall 3 Booth C4

3/ Provimi France: stool diagnostic tool

Scanea is a handheld infrared analyzer. It evaluates the digestibility of starch by stool analysis. Results are available in just 5 minutes. Hall 1 Booth A 31

Scanea starch digestibility analysis tool by faecal analysis

Scanea allows for rapid analysis of starch digestibility.

4/ SRP concept: modular housing

With interlocking systems and multiple finishes, the shutter block offers a wide range of possible combinations. It represents an alternative to traditional construction methods. For example, it replaces blocking walls. Hall 2 Booth A15

5 / Breeding Synthesis: Intra Eco Tape

Intra Eco Tape is a biodegradable adhesive tape for the hooves of ruminants. This type of tape has good stretch and adhesion and is easy to tear. It will turn itself off after two days. Hall 2 Booth F15

Two winners in the Service category

first / Eloi: transmission or diversification of farms

Eloi offers a recovery or diversification solution: clusters of farms. The goal is to align farms in transmission as required by project leaders. Specifically, the Eloi company buys a farm from a transferor and resells it in a number of units to agricultural project leaders. Hall 1 Booth G8

2 / Livestock Institute: Canidea

Canidéa is a tool for assessing the innate ability of dogs to manage ruminant herds. Its goal is to characterize dogs in terms of the proportions between their natural abilities and the animal’s performance. Exterior booth 0530

Gold Summit in Animal Welfare category

first / Sica SA Alicoop: recreational feed for pigs

Fibra’Pig is an edible fiber intended to improve pig health. The goal is to prevent tail biting. Hall 1 Booth E13

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