Drome and Ardeche. Heritage, opera, horse festival… Our ideas for outings this weekend of August 6 and 7

Meetings at the Château de Montélimar are held during the summer. Photo Archive DL / Fabrice Hébrard


Visiting the castle…with clowns

Saturday, August 6, the park of the castle of Montélimar is open to Rendez-vous at the castle. Fritz and Félix, two clowns from the company Nouveaux Nez, offer to follow them on two visits, which promise to be very eccentric! These wandering masters, masters of poetic vicissitudes and baroque slips, will not stop at nothing and no one will be able to fulfill the mission entrusted to them. Something to discover heritage while having fun.

Saturday, August 6, circus workshop open to everyone at 4:30 p.m., visit at 6 and 8 p.m. It’s free!

University Church of Saint-Barnard in Rome.  DL . photo

University Church of Saint-Barnard in Rome. DL . photo


Discover the treasures of the university church of Saint-Barnard

With its grand architecture, it’s hard not to notice it in the Roman-era town. On the banks of the Isère, the university church of Saint-Barnard nevertheless contains many treasures, sometimes unknown to passers-by.

Curious and history buffs will be able to explore them this weekend from August 6 and 7, in which the large sacristy and the Eucharistic chapel will be open. Thanks to the explanations of a tour guide during the visit, medieval paintings, liturgical furnishings and hangings of the Passion will no longer be kept secret.

Every Saturday and Sunday, until September 4, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Free and no registration required.

Breeders take turns presenting their horses in the ring.  Photo DL / Michel PASTRE

Breeders take turns presenting their horses in the ring. Photo DL / Michel PASTRE


Festival dedicated to horse drawn

Sunday, August 7 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Olivier-de-Serres estate in Mirabel (Ardèche), the Union of Horse Breeders and Users of Ardèche will be offering the 8th edition of the horse-drawn festival. The purpose of this event is to honor this powerful and tranquil iconic animal, which came from the countryside of yesteryear and represents a true living legacy of the department.

This day for a family audience will allow you to explore the different draft horse breeds currently available in the territory (Comtois, Ardennais, Baudet du Poitou, etc.) theirs when the horse is riding. Horse-drawn carriages are provided throughout the day or during the shoemaking process done on-site. Also in the program are: farmers market, exhibition of agricultural equipment and contest to select seals, mares and stallions.

Free admission and entertainment. Information on

Illustrations The DL

Illustrations The DL


Monday Vinsobres Night

Friday August 5 from 6pm to 10pm, on the menu for the second Nuit du Vinsobres, wander and sample, food and wine pairing, and discover Vinsobres’ raw sorbet. Eleven cellars will be spread over a route along the alleys.

Every step of the tasting is an opportunity to talk to the growers and discover the local produce. Two recipes: taste and meal or just taste. Musical entertainment throughout the evening and two food carts on site. Will be present: the joint cellar La Vinsobraise, Peysson, Tave, Moulin Vinson, L’Ancienne école, Chaume-Arnaud, Jaume, Autrand and the Saint-Vincent estates and the Montplaisir and Verone castles.

Information and reservations on vinsobres.fr/fr/la-nuit-du-vinsobres-2022

The final evening of the Crest jazz festival takes place this Saturday, August 6 at 9pm.  Photo DL / Caroline BERN

Crest: “Barefoot Lady” closes jazz festival this Saturday

Rhoda Scott will take the stage at 9 p.m. to close the Crest jazz festival, Saturday, August 6. The 83-year-old organist is more active than ever with her Lady All Stars, which includes female instrumentalists. This great lady of jazz, nicknamed the “Barefoot Lady” and her accomplices play “popular” jazz. In the first part, the stage will welcome the winners of the vocal competition.

All information on crestjazz.com

Collective Métis in 2019 in La Voulte-sur-Rhône.  DL image storage

Collective Métis in 2019 in La Voulte-sur-Rhône. DL image storage


MTI music tour is back this Friday

After two years of absence due to the pandemic, MTI music tour will perform at Privas, here friday august 5 at 9 p.m., Place du Champ-de-Mars.

In the show, author, composer and performer Romain Ughetto, with rapper Doutson and singer Noem of Lyon. To end the evening, a foam party will be hosted by DJ Charly Di Piero.

FREE ENTRY. Refreshments and catering are provided by the central merchants association of Privas.

Coge will be at the church of Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux this Saturday, August 6.

Coge will be at the church of Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux this Saturday, August 6.


The Coge in concert at the church

The singers of the Coge (Chorus and Orchestra of the Great Schools) of Paris and their conductor Frédéric Pineau return to the church of Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux, Saturday, August 6 at 9 pm. They will perform a cappella show around love, charm, and friendship between peoples in a musical journey that leads from Ireland to South Africa, through Latvia and the US.

Free admission with free participation.

Peer Gynt, directed by Angélique Clairand for the Opéra de Lyon.  Photo DR

Peer Gynt, directed by Angélique Clairand for the Opéra de Lyon. Photo DR


An “opera under the stars” this Friday night

Attending a free open-air opera performance, on the Champ-de-Mars in Valence, is what’s on offer. friday august 5 at 9pm as part of the event “Opera under the stars”, in partnership with Opéra de Lyon. On the show, the retransmission Gynt peera theatrical musical adventure.

In this new Angélique Clairand adaptation of this work written by Henrik Ibsen in 1866, the music of Edvard Grieg, first performed in 1876 and inspired by Norwegian folklore, is performed by the Opera Orchestra, Soloists and Masters of Opera, under the direction of Elena Schwarz.

The story of an anti-hero in search of dreams and identity, who overcomes, in the journey that begins, the obstacles he encounters through flight and lies. An ode to fantasy and inner travel, with a tribute to dreamers.

Meet on the lawn of the Champ de Mars. No chairs provided, people are free to come with their own folding chairs. Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes.

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