Eric Feurtet runs the Prix Saint-Alary with Queen Trezy: a dream

“I’m very lucky. I got into horses just 5 years ago. I started with Rymska and now I race Gr.1 with Queen Trezy!” Eric Feurtet will be participating in the Prix St Mark’s Basilica Coolmore Saint-Alary this Sunday, June 27 at ParisLongchamp with a chubby man he named after buying his car as an aspiration in Deauville by his coaches, Carlos and Yann Lerner.

Eric Feutet

fading work, Eric Feutet have always had for themselves the means to luck. And in the end, he succeeded in areas that were so far away before. As a hotel waiter in his youth, he set up a five-star establishment, Le Cèdre, in the center of Beaune in Saone-et-Loire. At the same time, this businessman embarked on raising Charollais cows. Without a doubt, he quickly won first place in elite competitions at the time as a UFO. Then he became interested in horses. Then he bought his first mare, for 10,000 euros in Deauville, Foreign Raidersthen full Le Havre. The child born will become a star, RymskaCritérium de l’Ouest (Listed) winner at age 2, then multi-Group winner in the United States.

Rymska, first student of Eric Feurtet

In honor of his champion, Eric Feurtet named ‘ Rymska real estate“The last property he acquired and developed into a hotel-restaurant, in the middle of the countryside, in the small village of Saint-Jean-de-Trezy. Again, before being renamed, Rymska called Daisy de Trezy and it was under this name that Eric Feurtet introduced her as a pony at Chaser Day in 2014.

A few years later, Eric Feurtet set up a mare of about 10 elements, but he also engaged in a desire he was fortunate to be able to baptize with, as a fair return for all things geographical only his: Queen Trezy. ” Yann and Carlos Lerner did all the work. As soon as they have a good horse, they don’t miss it. Trainers affiliated with Maisons-Laffitte, Yann and Carlos Lerner always buy “specialty” breeds. Besides that). Here’s how they got Anabaa Blue, the future winner of the Prix du Jockey-Club“I wasn’t there in Deauville, but as soon as I saw this dirty Almanzor I stopped at her. Furthermore, she has a special ‘Strawbridge’ origin, being the niece of We Are and Call The Wind, among others. With its €125,000 purchase price, I couldn’t pass up the chance to get 25% off. And since I was the first to enter into the partnership, I have the option of baptizing it. “(VIEW PEDIGREE)

Queen Trezy, wearing an Eric Feurtet dress worn by Christophe Soumillon. (APRH photo)

Eric Feurtet was joined shortly after the Marion Le Menestrel partnership (“charming October people I met for the first time on the day of the Prix Pénélope in Saint-Cloud“) and Nicolas de Chambure, from Haras d’Etreham, who was also a semi-herder.” From a pedigree point of view, he wishes to return to the property. I have wonderful associates and I am happy to share those wonderful things with them. “

Carlos and Yann Lerner, here with Lanfranco Dettori.

Queen Trezy immediately showed considerable resources. Coming in third in the coveted Prix des Marettes at her August debut in Deauville, she broke the ice on her next outing in Lyon. “ It was I who asked her to run to Lyon. It is very close to my house and I was able to go there with my family. We spent a special day with my sister and her husband, and my parents, who are elderly and with whom I was able to race for the first time in their lives.. “

Entrance to Rymska Estate.

After authoritative success with Christophe Soumillon in Lyon, Queen Trezy jumped and finished 2nd at the Prix des Reservectors (Gr.3) in Lyon, a little behind Rosacea. As for her comeback, Queen Trezy finished second in the Prix Pénélope (Gr.3) at Saint-Cloud, very close to Agave, who was then runner-up in the Prix Greffulhe (Gr.2) vs. child.

Eric Feurtet can prepare his best kit for the Gr.1 tournament at Longchamp. Everything smiled at him after a year of crossing the tunnel because of the obstacle that had befallen the owner of this hotel and restaurant. Last year, he hardly brought anything out, so this spring he gave birth three times. But among them he has a gorgeous pony from Le Havre and Foreign Raider, thus Rymska’s full brother. The mare was just covered by Almanzor. This spring, while his professional activity was back at full speed, Eric Feurtet on the one hand restarted the breeding mechanism. Haras de Cercy for obstacles (prince gibraltar, Zaskar, Ivanhowe), and in Normandy for the dish. Today he has a mare in his pony to Gray Gatsby, Zarak and Nerd. He has bred for the latter a certain Hermeska, sister to Galaxie Gold (Dariyan), recent second place in the Prix Hocquart (Gr.2), and Intello’s excellent Bobbymurphy.


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