Faced with a resurgence of wolf attacks, the response is held in Tarn

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While wolf attacks have been on the rise in Tarn, 32 since the start of 2022, including a potential attack a few days ago on former weather journalist Laurent Cabrol’s Ouessant sheep near Mazamet , Bang has accelerated the fight against this predator’s proliferation.

Laurent Cabrol’s sheep case created a sensation. But above all, it highlights the many wolf attacks recorded since the end of 2021. The attacks, according to figures from the province of Tarn, have been on a downward trend for a few months, but still poison life. lives and daily lives of desperate Tarn herders. to see their animals threatened.

As a reminder, Thursday, August 4, in our columns, we told you the tragic story of Ouessant the sheep by former weather journalist Laurent Cabrol. He gave a sheep to a resident of the village of Les Rousses, near Mazamet. But within a few months, some mysteriously disappeared, until we discovered last week, the recent carcasses of two sheep but also older remains.

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The sheep of former “Mr Météo” Laurent Cabrol were devoured by wolves in the Black Mountain

If the inhabitants of the village as well as Laurent Cabrol believe that their animals are victims of wolf attacks, then Tarn county and especially the OFB agencies, do not want to confirm anything. “Given the remains of the sheep carcass, which were killed within a few days or even weeks, it is impossible to say with 100% certainty that the wolf was responsible for these incidents,” said Tarn police chief Francois Xavier Lauch explained.

Fewer wolf attacks recorded

Despite everything, a representative for Bang said he was “affected” by the situation. François-Xavier Lauch said: “I’m so sorry for Mr. Cabrol, who raised these animals with his own hands. And I fully understand that the emotional and loving side is important in this love affair. “, François-Xavier Lauch confided. We heard his anger and that of the ranchers and me. asserts that the state does not stand idly by the outbreak of wolf attacks. “

As of early 2022, 26 wolf attacks have been recorded on Tarn, 16 of which involved damage classified as “non-removed wolf” and ohas been compensated. In recent weeks, the number of attacks has largely slowed since August 4, 32 reports have been made, including 18 “wolves don’t get fired”. “I draw no conclusions from this drastic deceleration because we know that in the division, in three very specific areas of Somail, Caroux and Black Mountain, we have three male wolves going and going. between Tarn, Hérault and Aude. But with the actors of this sport, we have moved in many directions, “said the police chief.

Compensation, herd protection, photo traps… Big state support

Regarding the delay in the deadline for compensation for the attacked ranchers, the province asked the Department of Territorial Administration (DDT) to provide additional resources to respond more quickly to requests. To date, all claims for 2021 have been settled. And next September, a DDT agent will be specially appointed to manage these requests.

To better assist breeders in protecting their herds, almost 93,000 euros have been issued by the State, “making it possible for them to buy this year 19 Patous guard dogs and 8 purchases fence,” Chief Tarn indicated. And with the support of the Council of Departments, 40,000 euros were issued, of which 16,000 euros to enable breeders to equip their own photo traps and 14,000 euros to help Maison de l’Élevage, helping breeders complete improve their profile to get funding. Finally, regarding defensive shots, other breeders, through a provincial decree, now have the right to make these shots. In total, out of 24 requests, 21 were accepted. Last May, only 11 breeders received this license.

When a breeder or an individual is faced with a potential wolf attack, he must immediately call the OFB. “Because after 72 hours, we no longer knew if it was a wolf or not,” Governor Tarn recalls.

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