Family activities to explore everyday life on Allier’s farms

During the holidays, children and their parents can enjoy the simple pleasures of farm life thanks to the members of the Bienvenue à la ferme network.


Cocotte and Company in “Lavault”. Fabienne Marais, a free-range poultry producer, organizes guided tours of her farm and various creative workshops on the subject of hens.
Registration and information at or [email protected]

Bourbon-l’Archambault / Saint-Menoux

Hello, Le Jardin de l’Essentiel, rue Michel Bernard in Bourbon l’Archambault and “L’Ome” in Saint-Menoux. Corinne Lafort organizes educational tours of her garden and farm made up of a variety of aromatic and medicinal plants. In the program: explore plants through a number of workshops, from sowing to harvesting, presenting different forms of drying and making herbal teas.
Registration and information at or [email protected]


Rose field. Gauthier and François Hamot will introduce families to the lives of their Charolais cattle, Friesian horses and pet poultry. In the program: farm photography demonstration, five-sensory workshop, tactile course, treasure hunt, and The Laughing Cow’s Trivial Chase.
Registration and information on or or on [email protected]


La Ferme des Grangers, “The Grangers”. Marie-Janique Bouttier organizes meetings with her farm animals (goats, sheep, cows, rabbits, poultry, etc.) and introduces cheese making.
Registration and information at or

[email protected]

Two chairs

The Lamas of Tilloux, “Le Tilloux”. Anne-Laure Ducrocq will be organizing tours of her farm until September 30. In the program: discover unusual farm animals (lamps and alpacas) and other farm animals (cow, sheep, horse, rabbit and chicken).
Price: €4 for adults; €3 for children from 5 to 12 years old; 2.5€ for groups from 15 people.
Information and registration at or [email protected]

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Herbarium of Saint-Fiacre, in “Bealing”. Sophie Gallet organizes visits and workshops on her farm. According to the program: visit to learn knowledge about medicinal and aromatic plants, every Saturday from 2:30 pm to September (visitable every day if a group of at least 5 people is formed); escape game, from 12 years old, minimum group of 4 people; Treasure hunt “apprentice herbalist”, from 3 years old; explore agricultural products (organic herbal teas sold directly). Each activity lasts about 2 hours. Price: €10/person.
New: free trail orientation and exploration is also available for €3 per person.
Information and registration at

Montluçon area


Ecyla equestrian domain, “Les Bergeroux”. Alice Bouteille and Sylvain Fontanez open the doors of their equestrian center to explore the horse’s language, its way of life, and its needs. By program: guided tour, educational board, walking…
Registration and information at or [email protected]


Asinerie de la Vioune, “La Vilaine”. Gaëlle Blot organizes tours of her farm. In the program: mingle with donkeys, milk and taste milk, explore donkey milk care products. From mid-July, ride a donkey in company or ride a donkey for small children.
Sign up and price at or [email protected]

Vichy area


GAEC du Toine, “Chez Merlot”. Marion Bonifassi and Christian Bosi, Charolais cattle breeders, organize guided tours of their ranch’s history, from the 19th century to the present day (the development of housing, agriculture, and life). countryside) and family entertainment on livestock and farm themes (treasure hunts, photo demonstrations, etc.).
Information and registration at or [email protected]

Le Breuil

The Equestrian Center of the Valley, “Chez Moutte”. Alexandre Marinho and Michel De Jong offer various activities around the horse. About the program: horseback riding in the countryside, walking and hiking, teaching, ponies from 18 months old, group reception, boarding and the possibility to explore the farm in a day.
Registration and information at or [email protected]


Domaine de la Chèvre Noire, 29 years old, route des Piquins. Michèle Brolles introduces visitors to the animals on her farm (lamps, goats, rabbits, chickens, horses). Children can also have fun with the inflatable game.
Registration and information at or [email protected]


Marie at the farm, “Le Méry”. Marie Mialon organizes visits to her farm, educational workshops, and donkey rides with a donkey. About the educational seminar program: feeding animals, Tuesday and Thursday from 10 am; small farmer workshop with animal care and workshop on the world of farming, Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.; truancy workshop to explore, play, trudge among nature, Friday from 10 am to 12 pm; truancy workshop with family, on Sunday July 17 and 24 and August 7 and 14.
Price: €5.
Information and registration at or [email protected]


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