Flavie Bresson, made for measure and ambition

Races / July 13, 2022

Installed as a coach for a year and a half, Flavie Bresson has 55.5% of “money-making” startups by 2022. Backed by her family, the young girl plans to continue the successful family tradition. family…

By Salome Lellouche

The Mont de Pô trail runs along the Eagles trail and the stables, leading to the entrance to the village of Gouvieux. This is where the Bresson family is located. Flavie Bresson, a 28-year-old young coach, coached her first winners there this year. Daughter of the former journalist Figaro Christian Bresson, also successfully trained, has been riding since she could walk: ” I studied at CFA in Rambouillet. This is where I can work with Frédéric de Romblay [équipe de France de CCE, ndlr] and Olivier Jouanneteau [équipe de France de CSO, ndlr]. Then I went abroad. At William Jarvis in Newmarket. Then came a season with Willie Mullins. And a little over two years with Joseph O’Brien. This allowed me to be exposed abroad and study a different way of coaching. In France, I interned with Guillaume Macaire and Jean-Marie Beguigné, a friend of my father’s. Also, when I passed the driving test, I went to train with him…”


Being a coach is obvious to Flavie Bresson: “My father is allowed to train. From the very beginning, I knew what coaching was. Then I will take over. And, somewhere, it’s like the pinnacle of his work. I am lucky to have the support of my parents. Through this, and my future results, I hope to attract new owners. Like my father before me, I respect horses. I want to bring them up and race them when they’re ready. But also allow them to progress. » Currently, Flavie Bresson has a team of ten horses (half of which are 2 years old), especially good old horses. Palpitator (Motivator), 2019 List Winner for Christian Bresson. But also his brothers Excelsior (Motivation) and Determiner (Motivation). This 2 year old is the final product of Star Fairy (Take the risk) to join the team. These three horses come from a cross between Christian Bresson, with whom he shares ownership with his friends, Hubert Delcorte, Pingan Zhan and Christian Salet…

A job “old school”

The infrastructure of Flavie Bresson’s stables allows her to let her horses play outdoors. About ten of its boxes and five others are under construction, it has a walker where gallopers go in the morning and evening. As well as a paddle and a nice sunbathing. As for training, sessions last an average of one and a half hours. A relaxing job done on the Eagles before hitting the serious stuff on the Perth track, a stone’s throw from her house:” We take the time to heat them up properly. Then better for canter. When it comes to a more serious gallop, I like to bring my horse to the Lion’s lower body. I also try to have a good track and let the horses pass right behind the tractor. Same thing when we’re out on the field: to have a good run, we try to be among the first in the morning. » Flavie Bresson salutes the work of her team, which is made up of three riders: ” Aurore is my right hand man. She has been with me since I set up. I completely trust her. I also have Alberto, an Italian racer, and I just hired Marina, who seems to love her job and rides well. »

Results and ambitions

Flavie Bresson won two races this year. First time with Excelsior, in Compiègne. The latter has left a very good impression but he cannot confirm by climbing some stairs in the Prix du Lys (Gr3): “ In the morning, Excelsior really does everything with ease. With him, when we are in the canter, we have the impression of being at a hunting horse as his strides are rich. We’ll leave it alone this summer. He is a horse that should evolve physically. In the fall, we want to head to a black race, having to go through a conditional race first. It is a versatile ground horse that can evolve at altitudes of 2,000m and 2,400m. » His second success comes with Everillo (Amarillo), who won the handicap at Chantilly with a value of 37.5 and was second in Quinté: “ In August, Everillo will have a good run in the Grand Handicap de Deauville, over 1,600m, in a straight line. »


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