Following in the footsteps of a lost castle: a treasure hunt to discover Callac

I tested you on a treasure hunt on the remains of the lost castle in Callac. © Bleuenn LE LE

This treasure hunt is the perfect opportunity to discover the hidden or unusual places of the small town Callac. When you enter the center of Callac, you will discover stone houses, streams and little corners of nature.

Callac still a small rural town in Brittany Center. A treasure hunt of only 4 km can be carried out in the desired direction.

By arriving at the tourist office, Thomas, a seasonal worker, will greet you and guide you through the route. A map of Callac and elements of the treasure hunt will be provided to you.

Some points of the treasure hunt are well hidden, with family or friends it will be easier to find them. But don’t worry, you’ll find them eventually.

There is something for everyone: unusual, historical, artistic, nature or even heritage, adults and children can have fun and answer the quizzes.

The castle alley is one of the last vestiges of Callac Castle.
One of the last vestiges of the Château de Callac. © Bleuenn LE LE

hidden places

We therefore found at the bend of a small street, a steep staircase in a small alley. The stairs are hidden by the trees that surround it. Here stairs in the alley of the castle be one of the last the remains of Callac Castle.

Then we found ourselves on the small Callacoise streets with high stone walls.

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Continuing in these little hidden places, you will also be able to observe Costang wash house. You will have to squeeze into an alley between two houses to reach a covered toilet, surrounded by trees. You will then be able to observe that a water retaining door remains intact.

A rich legacy

But Callac it is also a story. You will have the opportunity to discover it during the treasure hunt. You will soon come to Church of St. Lawrence in which you will have to find a trace of history in its stained glass windows.

You can also explore Botmel’s ruined church, you will then see bell towers, towers and other monuments still standing.

Saint-Laurent Church and 40 bay windows
Saint-Laurent’s Church and its 40 bay windows © Bleuenn LE LAY

In the puzzles of the treasure hunt, you will have to go to location April 9, 1944 where all males 16 years of age and older are called on the same day. 800 soldiers besieged the place and 117 Callacois were assembled. 59 were jailed, 17 were deported and 6 were shot.


For those who like art, there are also some in Callac!

The treasure hunt will lead you to Mural made during the urban art festival In-cité in 2021. You’ll be able to see a large fresco in faux lace by NeSpoon. From the same festival, you can also observe a giant collage of Mélanie Busnel and students from Gwer Halou College in Callac.

To see another street art fresco, walk around the church and you’ll come across a colorful geometric fresco.

Costang covered wash house and its door.
Costang covered wash house and its door. © Bleuenn LE LE

Of nature

Nature lovers can also find their way there.

Nature is everywhere in Callac, but they can reach the Verte Vallée pond. Ideal for walking, the treasure hunt will get you there with two nature puzzles.

The Plant Trail allows you to explore the different plants that live around the pond. You can also discover animals as the pond is very popular for fishing.

The treasure hunt begins with the tourist office, which also hosts the Breton spaniel home.

You will be able to discover the history of this Callac-born breed thanks to signs, videos and pictures. Today there are three breeders of Breton spaniels in Callac. The dogs, which are very popular, are often reserved before birth and are found in different countries of the world.

Practice. Visit the Callac Tourist Office for directions and maps. Free treasure hunt. Entrance to Brittany Spaniel House Free.

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