For them, La Parisienne (was) the horse of life

Magazine / June 25, 2022

For them, La Parisienne (was) the horse of life

Coming in second to Diane, La Parisienne is owned by five co-owners, three of whom are non-experts. And for them, this classic Accessit is an unforgettable memory.

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Bred by haras du Cadran, in association with Patrick Klein and Pascale Menard (haras du Mâ), Parisians (Zarak) is majority owned by Peter Bradley (70%). On June 20, the American told Brian Sheerin (TDN): “Given the way she races, being so narrowly beaten to one of the best of her generation, I think she has a reason to stay in Europe. It will have a quiet summer, before it can head to Vermeille. Then we’ll see what October has in store for us. We are thinking of the Prix de l’Opéra (Gr1). But Arc is still a possibility…” Broker Ghislain Bozo (Meridian International) owns 5%. We have decided to give the floor to three co-owners who are not experts and therefore little known to the general public: Jean-Michel Lebrun, CHEAPEmy Dupuy-Naulot and Mark Leonetti.

Jean-Michel Lebrun: “When I saw her return to the main role, I thought I was going to explode! »


Finishing in second place in the Prix de Diane is something you don’t expect when you’re a little mistress. We have to be realistic. I have a horse ever since forty five five. And me know Carlos Lerner is almost as long! I even rode like a riding gentleman. Thanks to the expert eye of Xavier Guigand, a former jockey, I have acquired several horses that I find interesting…including La Parisienne. I really want to thank Thomas Trullier, who drove it in his early races. It allows us not to miss its potential. I also thank Carlos and Yann Lerner. And Gérald Mossé, who rode like a professional.

This second place is pretty crazy, because La Parisienne has been given tenth place in the forecasts. By analysis, I found her seventh or eighth. I would be the happiest person in the world if she was fifth. 50m from the goal, I was like crazy. When I saw her back to her dirty look in the lead role, I thought I was going to explode! I call this second place a win. And I’m sure it has the potential to win a Group.

Gérald Mossé came to drive her to training and he said: “It’s okay, we can run Diane…” It was also a magical moment. »


“My grandparents were farmers and they had horses. These animals have always fascinated me. When I was 14 years old, I wanted to be a cyclist. I’m too big, it’s impossible. After making a career in the hospitality industry, I retired. I did some breeding at mMr. Talvard and I still have a baby rooster, Perfect mood (High Chaparral). I had up to five. One day we can reboot the machine on this side!

With the means at my disposal, it would be easier for me to buy shares of many horses than it would be to have only one. You must keep your feet on the ground. This year is quite special, because I have a stake in some good horses, including Miramar (profitable), which we sold to Teruya Yoshida, after his Team win. In the past, I had horses with Nicolas Clément, who Pornichet (Vespone), third in the Poule d’Essai des Poulains (Gr1), as well as subjects at the Enumeration level. »

Rémy Dupuy-Naulot: “I chose ‘pink and gray’ … like Lagardère! »


“This is the first time I have seen the appearance of a classic. I was so shaken… Especially when the race ended like that. For a moment, I thought we were going to win. And I want her to win the Paris area! But the English girl, a champion, did not give up. Gérald Mossé had an admirable trip. Carlos and Yann Lerner did an exceptional job. They were very patient with her. The first time La Parisienne ran under my shirt. Carlos himself bought it at the sale and I took a part afterwards. It was Tiago, son of Yann, who named the filth…”


“I asked for my color ten years ago. I chose “pink and gray” as the Lagardère cape. I think if it works for him, it will work for me too (laughs)! I bought my first horse, Friend Fernand (Layer), when he was longing on a livestock farm in Normandy. I booked him with Thierry Lemer, the coach at La Teste. My activities are in the Paris region, I can’t see him often. When Yohann Gourraud became the coach, I gave him the horse. With him, I also have Benadalid (Green Tune), my first winner. It was in the Grand Handicap de Marseille. Today, I am a partner on seven horses. Share wins with friends to have a fun time together that’s always more enjoyable. I’m just a small owner and I don’t pretend to be able to compete with big coats.

I know the horses thanks to my uncle, Albert-Paul Laborde, who was a jockey in the 1950s. It looks to me like he apprenticed to Willie Head at Maisons-Laffitte. So I always hear about horses… and I love it! In the city, I am an insurance broker. I have two wealth management companies and three insurance companies.

I’ve done some breeding work and one of my students won a fourth with Christophe Soumillon.

I have known Carlos and Yann Lerner for many years. But I haven’t had a chance to have horses with them before. Carlos is a charming man. Very human. He does an excellent job. With him, I too Sir Bassett (Wootton Bassett). Always hard to beat yesGroup EnglishS and we are not ashamed of this second place. »

Marc Leonetti: “My dream now is to join Diane with a horse that I have bred! »


“A great happiness! The Parisians come in a great second place. She beat special horses in this Diane. Honestly, I didn’t think she would run that well. I really don’t think she can beat horses like Agave tree (Dubawi) for example.

I get a piece of La Parisienne simply by coming to see my horse practice with Carlos and Yann Lerner. Among their current lovers, she stands out in particular. Also, I want a product by Zarak (Dubawi). Parisienne really radiates serenity. And she has a wonderful burnt chestnut dress. »


“My father was a racer, passionate about racing, pedigree and animal husbandry. I grew up with him on the racetrack. Viruses come like this. Effective learning quickly became my favorite game. I started having horses in 1986, as soon as my career situation allowed. I am an independent promoter. I bought my first reclaimed horse from Monsieur Doumen at the time. He is called Comrade Loriot (Rose Laurel).

La Parisienne’s second place is by far Ibest performance of my career as an owner. Before her, I had a chance to pass Sant ‘Amanza (American Post). She won some good races and ran Listed. She is very beautiful. I kept her at the ranch in association with Jacques Lastrajoli. It’s a great story because she had an accident when she was 2 years old and had to recover for six months in the box. Romain Le Dren Doleuze took great care of it. Its first product, pertusato (Elusive City), won the title twice this year. She is 2 years old harmless (Anabaa) who will soon join the stable of Yann Barberot, an aspirant Nerd (Galileo) and a pony of Zarak (Dubawi). This year she came zelzal (Sea the Stars).

My dream now is to join Diane with a dirty dog ​​I adopted! Meanwhile, I hope that La Parisienne will continue to shine in Grs1. »


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