Grand Prix de Chantilly (Gr2): Mare Australis reappears

Races / 05.06.2022

Chantilly Grand Prix (Gr2)

Mare Australis surface




Sunday, by winning the Grand Prix de Chantilly (Gr2), Mare Australis (Australia) succeeded In Swoop (Adlerflug), another student and representative of Gestüt Schlenderhan, who won the slowest race since the race’s inception in 1997 … But this year the race scenario was completely different, as Mare Australis was imposed from start to finish after running the event at a steady pace. At the same time, the inhabitants of André Fabre simply show that he has not lost his greatness. And to think he’s not 100% yet… That promises!

On a good horse

Stepping out of the booths, Mare Australis led the way. Take on your duties as a leader, soho (Mastercraftman) to the outside location, and together they run the event at a steady pace. Entering the straight line, Mare Australis easily defeated the opponent and thereby took the lead over the remaining opponents. Separating himself under the solicitation of racer Olivier Peslier, the chestnut-burning beauty pricked her ears 150m from the pole, bothered by billboards installed under the wires… That didn’t stop him from winning. two lengths. Behind, Bubble gift (Nathaniel) successfully completed the race to take second place. Surprised by his return, Glycon (Le Havre) is the third, more than a paragraph. Slightly disappointed despite running well, love it, Mutabahi (French Fifteen) is seventh. According to his coach, Henri-Alex Pantall, the pony, who had a busy early season, is tired and should now be resting.

Arc in 2022?

Last year, following his success at the Prix Ganay (Gr1), Mare Australis was announced as a strong candidate for the Qatar Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe (Gr1). In the end, he had to give it up because of health problems. Only seen again on April 10 at Longchamp, in the Prix d’Harcourt (Gr2), the horse took an encouraging third place. Recently, in her second attempt at Prix Ganay, Mare Australis certainly found time to finish, taking fourth place. Present at Chantilly to witness the victory of his student, the representative, Philipp Von Ullmann confided: “We’re happy. We know he didn’t play 100% last time, and even today he is. He’s coming back and we’re starting to find our horse. Win the Grand. Prix ​​de Chantilly on Jockey Club day is always a great moment.Like many German horses, he is not necessarily made to run fast.The rain that fell yesterday was a plus. Olivier Peslier was got through it perfectly: we were happy to see that there was a leader but, despite everything, he didn’t let himself get stuck and his coach did a great job. The rest, he will decide, but I guess the Grand Prix de Saint-Cloud is an option if the track is not too fast. Of course, we want to be able to go to the Arc in the fall, but we have to take it one step at a time. It was a race we never won, we came in secondeme, third… Last year, we thought we had two or three horses for the race and in the end we didn’t have any. That is always a big challenge. »

Fifth Chantilly Grand Prix for Olivier Peslier

Olivier Peslier retained his title in Group 2. This was his fifth success in the event, which he had previously won. Fragrant mix (1998), Dr. Dino (2008) and Silver Pond (2011) … Still on horseback, he said over Equidia’s microphone: “As “PC” told me [Pierre-Charles Boudot qui le montait avant sa suspension, ndlr], it is a horse with a long accelerometer. Mare Australis is a tough guy. He was easy throughout the course, he was always improving. I did not take care of the leader. At the control panel, the horse changed places. He must have some resources! He’s been absent for a very long time and he’s made progress. The horse needed to return to the race. Also, yesterday’s rains helped him a lot. Today, straight in, he accelerated very well. It was he who took mine and led me away. »

The Rise of Bubble Gifts

At the age of 3, Bubble Gift showed seriousness when he won the Prix Hocquart and the Qatar Prix Niel (Grs2). The Zak Bloodstock representative then ended his season with eighth place at the Qatar Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe (Gr1). His first outing of the year at the age of 4 resulted in fourth place in the Prix d’Hédouville (Gr3) on May 12. Showing progress at each of its appearances, Bubble Gift, like Mare Australis, will be seen again in the Grand Prix de Saint-Cloud (Gr1). His coach, Mikel Delzaries, said: “We are always disappointed when we get hit, but we don’t have too many excuses. The winner is a very good horse. It’s a race that seems very routine to me. We had a good race and he was well behaved. If the horse is good, it will run the Grand Prix de Saint-Cloud (Gr1). Then we’ll see what we do for the second part of the season. »

Very good mention for Glycon

Glycon has not been seen since his ninth place in Riyadh, on February 26, in the Longines Red Sed Cup Handicap (Gr3) match. Winners of last year’s Prix de Reux (Gr3) and Grand Prix de Deauville (Gr2), students and representatives of HSaint-Pair’s macaws may well have a similar show in 2022, unless his entourage tries an adventure in the Grand Prix de Saint-Cloud… Back to scale, claims Jean-Claude Rouget about his resident: “It was a good comeback, I would even say it was a very good comeback. Glycon is doing much better than expected! At the end of the course, he was a horse that always provided good acceleration but he didn’t have the level of a Gr1. Glycon is just below the best. I feel good on 2,400m, less pain than long distance races. From now on, we will try to aim straight. His main target will be the Grand Prix de Deauville (Gr2). Before that, he should race once: at the Grand Prix de Saint-Cloud (Gr1) or the Prix de Reux (Gr3). »

Macleya and Montclair’s grandson

Bred by Stall Ullmann, Mare Australis was the son of the Coolmore stallion Australia (Galileo), the father of seventeen Winning group.

Mother, Miramare (Rainbow Quest), was a 3-year-old winner in Germany overtaking 2,200m. She is second in the Dragonfly Stock and third in the Pinnacle and Warwickshire Oaks (Ls) Shares. Mare Australis was the third winning mare after Social network (Adlerflug), winner of the 3 of 2,200m over the Rhine, and Magellan (Tertullian), winner USAaiden at the age of 3 in Cologne.

second mother, Minaccia (Platini), is a two-time winner of the List in Germany, passing 1,400m and 1,600m. In addition to Miramare, she offers four other black varieties: Macleya (Love has wings), winner of the Prix de Pomone (Gr2) and Allez France (Gr3), and runner-up in the Prix Royal-Oak (Gr1), Montclair (Montjeu), winner of the Prix de Barbeville (Gr3) and runner-up in the Prix Chaudenay (Gr2), macassar (Tertullian), second in the Prix des Jouvenceaux et des Jouvencelles (L), and Mahnaz (Dansili), second in the Prix Belle de Nuit (L, at the time).

Minaccia is also the second mother of Sea and Clouds (Lope de Vega), winner of the Prix de Pontarmé (L) and third in the Prix du Muguet (Gr2), but also a Tribhuvan (Toronado), winner of United Nations Stakes (Gr1) and Fort Marcy Stakes (Gr2)…

Sadler’s Wells




Cape Cross

Ouija board

Selection Committee


Groom blushes

Rainbow Quest

I will follow







From head to 1,000m: 1’28”33

From 1,000m to 600m: 24”45

From 600m to 400m: 12”01

From 400m to 200m: 11”97

From 200m to destination: 12”45

Total time: 2’29”21


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