Holidays: 5 responsible behaviors to adopt to conserve natural space

1. respect for flora and fauna

In Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, protected areas cover 60% of the territory. This is the case for the Mont-Ventoux Regional Natural Park, home to more than 1,500 species of plants and 150 species of nesting birds. And for these natural spaces to remain magical places to recharge your batteries, this exceptional biodiversity must be protected. While walking, take pictures of the flowers instead of picking them and go on marked trails. Avoid turning on music and making noise so as not to disturb the animals. It’s the perfect time to indulge in the singing of birds and cicadas or watch the flocks of Egyptian vultures circling the skies of beautiful Provence!

2. promote good living together

To each of their own space! Respecting the inhabitants, as well as the animals and plants of the reserves, means establishing a relationship of trust in which everyone wins. So do not engage in private property if you are not authorized to do so. Avoid picking the fruit directly from the tree, the southern markets are full of delicious produce! If you are near a hive, you may see bees. Keep their distance, they are just defending their territory! If you go hiking, leash your dog in grazing areas. This simple gesture will ensure the tranquility of the herd and the lovely people. Be calm, go around them and report to the shepherd. Everything’s gonna Be Alright!

3. Explore new territories

Gorges du Verdon, Provençal Colorado, Calanques connecting Marseille with Cassis or the verdant island of Porquerolles… Many iconic names make you dream and evoke the magic of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur landscape. However, there are many other great sites, and more secrets, to explore! In the Sainte-Baume Regional Natural Park, you’d rather explore the Aiguilles de Valbelle via the Signes or the Gémenos glacier trail than the Gorges de Caramy, the Marie-Madeleine cave, the Sainte-Baume national forest or the sources of Huveaune. very busy sometimes. Located just a few kilometers from the most famous places, they will give you a more serene experience and your photos will look even better!

4. Limit the tracks of your path

While a lot of plastic waste pollutes the Mediterranean Sea, it mainly destroys the marine environment by destroying flora and fauna. To reduce plastic pollution, Port-Cros and Calanques National Parks offers tourers with the “Spirit of the National Parks” label simple actions to engage their customers in a “nothing” approach. plastic”. One of them is promoting great tips and ideas on social media through regular tags and hashtags. This summer, you’ll also be able to act as a #Hérosparnature and join the #ChallengeHérosparnature to show off your good deeds. Eco-designed bracelets, 100% biodegradable water bottles, reusable food packaging and waste bags are also made from fishing nets.

5. use common sense

Making a fire or barbecue in the forest, smoking in the wild, means there is a risk of soil degradation, vegetation or worse, starting a fire. So, using common sense helps to protect our natural space, which is in our mutual interest. Parking in front of the entrance may prevent emergency access in the event of a fire. Being responsible also means leaving no waste and leaving as few traces as possible. Finally, before heading to a protected natural area, learn about the regulations in effect that can allow you to enjoy it more serenely. Responsible travel is everyone’s business!

More info: to apply the right gestures, it’s here. To prepare for your next ecotour in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, head here.


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