How and Why Register Your Cat for LOOF?

Registration with the LOOF primarily concerns breeders as it allows them to obtain a pedigree attesting to the cat’s conformity to breed standards. It is also required to participate in exhibitions as well as to breed and sell purebred animals, even as individuals. It was then confirmed that it was a test conducted by the official LOOF jury.

What is LOOF?

The Official Book of Cats, known by the abbreviation LOOF, is the only organization authorized to issue pedigrees for purebred cats in France. This document, listing the pedigree of the animal, makes it possible to prove it belongs to a lineage and thus prove the purity of their origin.

To obtain such a pedigree, the cat must have come from two parents, who were registered in the Book of Origins. If this procedure is necessary for professional breeders to confirm their animals conform to the standards of the breed they produce and have the right to place them on the market as such, pedigrees should also be Essential for individuals who wish to reproduce or conceal their purebred. cats and/or participate in official competitions.

Why register for LOOF?

LOOF registration is a mandatory guarantee to provide your purebred cat for crossbreeding or breeding. This is therefore not only relevant to the fact that females are able to recognize the young of the breed in question, but also to confirm the provenance of the males that one wishes to propose as the official parents of the breed. this dog.

The pedigree is therefore a necessary document for any form of commercialization of the breed or the introduction of your cat at formal events such as beauty contests and breed club meetings. . A cat to be called “purebred” cannot be officially subjected to this mention without a pedigree, even if it has all the morphological features mentioned in the breed standard. It is also possible to check the provenance and pedigree of a newly acquired cat by its identification number (mentioned in its paperwork) by visiting the organization’s website.

Procedure to register for LOOF

Registration in the Cat Origins Book is not complete in a day! Indeed, this process can take some time from guidance with the organization until a clear pedigree is established following the verification of the animal. All requests must be sent directly to the LOOF services; This request must include some information such as the cat’s name, its sex, its outfit, its eye color, its identification number (chip or tattoo) and the exact genetic identification of the cat. it must be granted by the breeder.

This way, your animal can only be registered in the LOOF provided you can attest to the pedigree of its parents. Registration in the registry must be guided first by the breeder, who is required to give birth within 2 months, then a pedigree request after the mandatory identification of the kitten to include the mention” designated with the LOOF pedigree” of the deed of sale.

Confirm LOOF

Unlike dogs, certification is not required to obtain a cat’s pedigree and documentation will only be sent to applicants after examining the records. However, she must let her cat compete in championships or offer it as a stallion at the national and international level. During the verification process, the animal is presented to a formal jury responsible for verifying that it is free of any exclusions. This step, known as the compliance session, will result in a declaration of compliance, non-compliance, or deferred after deliberation.

Each animal is allowed only one adjournment, allowing for a second chance where it will be examined by a different jury. Once compliance has been established, the owner will be issued a form signed by the judge, a copy of which must be returned to the LOOF for completion. Only then can we offer our animals for service or reproduction to a recognized extent.

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