How to avoid pitfalls?

The Lisieux Police Court (14) heard on Monday, 13 June 2022 the complaint filed by the association Stéphane Lamart against an Australian sheep farmer for ill treatment. When looking for a puppy, it is sometimes necessary to find your way between good and bad breeders. Here are some tips if you want to buy a purebred dog or cat.

Ads still exist on a classifieds site. “Our puppies are looking for a family, they have beautiful bloodlines and they grew up in a home environment. We sell our puppies from 1,000 euros”. However, the compelling announcement, the idyllic universe sold by this Australian Shepherd breeder seems far from the real thing. The owner of this family farm, located in the center of the Pays d’Auge (14), appears before the police court in Lisieux (14). He is being prosecuted for ill-treatment by the association Stéphane Lamart “For the protection of animal rights”, which is recognized as a public good.

In May 2019, the Stéphane Lamart association received a report from the owner of a 7-month-old Australian Shepherd dog named “Micha”, which she had purchased the day before from a farm for the money. 500 euros. She had just seen the vet that her little dog was not doing well. He suffered from ear infections, leg defects, muscle atrophy and malnutrition. The puppy also suffered from behavioral problems and its owner did not receive any identification or vaccinations.

Following the complaint, inspections were performed in May 2020 by the Calvados Department of Population Protection (DDPP14) on the farm’s premises. Examinations revealed serious deficiencies in hygiene, especially in the obstetrics department. Since then, the farmer has done what was necessary to bring his farm up to standard.

We met in court a breeder worried about compliance with standards. The problem is that he always acts clumsy, always after being checked.

Master Christophe Gerard

Attorney for the Association Stéphane Lamart

If the breeder is in danger of being fined for these hygiene violations, he will not be condemned for his sometimes dubious acts of administrative duty. When buying the puppy, the breeder did not give the owner identification nor a certificate of good health of the animal. However, it is an obligation.

Another customer, who bought his American Shepherd in 2018 from the same breeder for 1,500 euros, took over a year to get his pedigree certificate. “When I bought my dog, he told me he would send it to me quickly, but despite my verbal or written reminders, I waited a year to get it. This important piece of paper assures me that my animal is purebred” Martine testified, who admitted to having doubts about the breeder’s seriousness.

The law is very clear on this subject. The breeder or an individual has no right to sell or give away a puppy or kitten of unknown origin. Animals must be identified by tattoo or electronic chip at the time of purchase or donation. The breeder or individual must also provide a certificate of good health for the animal. It is also an obligation.

This is important because this certificate of good health allows you to claim the seller in the event of a dispute. It is also a protection for the breeder or individual. When you sell a puppy or a cat, you must also provide a pamphlet which explains everything, veterinary care, food, breed characteristics, and how to educate them.

Stephane Lamart

Founder of the Association for the Protection of Animal Rights

If you are going to buy a puppy or a kitten from a breeder, you must take your time and carefully consider its pedigree. To check if it is reliable, you can contact the Directorate General of Population Protection (DDPP). This organization, which exists in each department, is approved by the province to oversee farms or shelters. With him you will be able to tell if the hybridization is declared or not and whether you can trust him or not.

You can also ask the breeder for your Siret number. With this number, you go to the Sirene directory website and enter the Siret code. That’s a bit confusing, but it will allow you to verify that he is claimed to be a dog or cat owner. It took a few minutes, but it was a first guarantee of seriousness.

The number of breeders sold by a breeding farm is also an indicator of seriousness. “ A small breeder, with no more than two or three breeding stock, is also a good point, because the breeders that give you six, seven or more don’t all have ants. Perfect knowledge of the variety they offer. states Stéphane Lamart, who has been fighting animal rights for 20 years.

Australian Shepherds are not educated in the same way as Malinois”. The last step to take before deciding is to visit the breeding grounds. You should be able to see the essentials, excluding the incubator, if applicable. This will allow you to see the sanitary condition of the facility. Cleanliness is not an absolute criterion, but it often says a lot about the owner.

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