Hunter Valley to Onesto

Races / July 15, 2022

Hunter Valley to Onesto

Enter the discipline of trotting in 2018, the stable Hunter Valley belonging to Matthieu Millet constantly growing… Also galloping for three years, finally in this field the team has achieved its first success at the highest level as a co-owner Onesto (Frankel), winner of the Grand Prix de Paris (Gr1). Meet a passionate man with a very strong desire to revolutionize the world of horse racing…

By Thomas Guilmin

Gallop day. – How do you feel after winning the first Gr1 in all subjects?

Matthew Millet. – I can say it was a dream come true. The race is truly magical! I achieved my first success at this level at gallop, while I was much more bummed (laughs)! Moreover, all the attractive associates around Onesto get along wonderfully.

Is it a strength to be associated?

Based on my experience so far, I definitely prefer the combination. You must have people with whom you can open champagne (laughs)! Celebrated memories. We create a lot of groups on Whats . online messagingYESpp for our “Part de Rêve” pony. When they go to the races, everyone realizes what it means! The most beautiful of all this would be the sharing…

What is the concept of “Part of Dream”?

When I entered this environment, I understood that it was essential to communicate. We started by creating a website “Part de Rêve” that allows us to sell a portion of our well-born babies. Therefore, the latter allows us we associate with as many people as possible to have an accessible budget and all expenses paid. The idea is to turn this website into an international market, so that any breeder can create the NFT (Non Fungible Token) of each his ponyS To sell them is very easy. All racing enthusiasts have only one goal: to access the horse, to dream. Therefore, the main idea is to be able to share special genealogies with as many people as possible. The entity “Part of Dream” therefore evolves frequently.

To do this, we have implemented two strategies: the first is to provide the price of a classic unit in euros, and the other in the form of NFT, paying in crypto. So we are creating our own cryptocurrency, Equicoin, which will be open to the market soon. For now, our first ponies start in the sprint. If you take a tenth of a thousand ponies for 300 or 500 €, everyone will be able to dream. For those who want, it is also possible to sign up for up to one percent. Know that no other costs have to be added, since training, veterinarians, breeders and generally all the additional costs are integrated. Then, depending on the outcome, members receive royalties on the horse’s earnings. However, if one of the productions becomes a stallion, the forerunner will also benefit from a portion of his or her career as a stallion. The final idea of ​​the project is to offer all kinds of horses on our website (ponies, chicks, hens, forecasters, stallions)S…), all industries, and of course worldwide.

Why did you get off to a good start?

It all started with a meeting with my neighbor, Félix Dalisson, a bull breeder. He really passed on to me the racing virus, his knowledge, and I started getting involved that way. But, in reality, the memories are much more distant. When I was little, I watched friendstabbed my grandfather in the knee…

How did you come up with the idea of ​​launching yourself into a gallop?

Simply by watching the races. In general, everything begins with a reflection, a test. At the gallop, to begin with, I was very lucky, because I started in discipline with purple (Zarak). Then I continued with First Australia (Recorder), a generous scum can’t make it to the best races. Then Jean-Étienne Dubois suggested that I join the association Onesto. And with a second person’s eyes, you have to say yes at all costs (laughs)! Since that day, we live a strange adventure.

On all your gallop, you have links to the Dubois family. What is your link?

Personally, I have deep respect for Jean-Étienne and Jean-Pierre Dubois. They are upright, honest and sincere people. They only have one word. Being with them, I learn a lot by listening to them. Then, when you are lucky enough to be able to talk to people with such talent and who know how to pass it on with all humility, you simply say thank you and enjoy.

What is the difference between owning a trouser and a canter?

Above all, the common ground is passion! Honestly, the first time I I went to a racecourse dedicated to gallopers, it was in the victory of Vadeni ** (Churchill) in the club Prix du Jockey (Gr1). More seriously, at gallop, much more elegant attire, much more reserved speech… Those are two completely different atmospheres but I appreciate them all.

As soon as you started running, you bought the Haras de la Perrière. Isn’t it too much pressure to follow in the footsteps of Jean-Étienne Dubois? Is the idea of ​​developing a multidisciplinary structure being worked on?

We must not put pressure on ourselves or we won’t be able to do much. The only time allowed is to win. The goal is to prepare a nice racing and breeding cage, both trotting and galloping. You have to know how to provide your customers with really good horses because we sell a lot of horses. Results and customer satisfaction are starting to really show, so I’m very pleased. At gallop, the first brood we bought at the Arqana hatchery was called Sun bear (Dubawi). Little by little, I intend to invest as much as when I make it through. First, we increase the herd, and then we turn our breeding into a business.

What?theAre the people helping you every day?

Jean-Étienne Dubois is of great help to me, he is the person I call the most when I need advice. Victor Langlais was also part of the team’s entourage. Finally, Claire Billet-Legros has been recruitede to track our investments for hybrids. It keeps track of all employees, allowing us to report very accurately.

In 2018, for €400,000 you bought the full sister of the Bold Eagle champion, Hunter Valley, from the magpie… What made you pay such a fortune ?

To me, it’s just the pedigree that speaks for itself. When you build something, you need a foundation. It starts with cattle, teams, but also quality land! You have to be detailed at all levels. Training and the qualities of the slopes come later. And I think by doing all that, you’re setting yourself up for competition. When it comes to this universe, we are competitors and we want to win, otherwise we stay at home (laughs).

Why did you decide to name it like that and then extend it to your team?

The name clearly comes from a region of Australia. But “Hunter” means “withhasse” in English, I prefer to refer to it from a competitive perspective. Hunter Valley was acquired from Jean-Étienne Dubois, who actually lives in Australia. His wife, Karine, came up with the name. In discussion with Jean-Étienne and my wife, we decided to name our mare and stable like that.It was a way to connect the four of us…

In 2022, at the Arqana sale in August, you bought a granddaughter of the Royal Princess for 360,000 euros… Is this the will of the Royal Princess? friend invest so much at a gallop?

Currently, I’m a fugitive Jean-Étienne Dubois (laughs)! Since it’s not easy to learn everything at once, I rely entirely on his team. This year, we sent in four fillings to be shared. Our choices are made all over the world and if we like something we don’t hesitate to go there. That said, I don’t ride horses, but I do manage to understand how this universe works. At trot, we are currently in third place among the owners! So we are making our fun little by little…

What does gallop training inspire in you?

Apparently, gallopers are much closer to “blood”. They are completely different from the maggots. In the race, there is a lot of tuning work, and the coach has a huge part of the responsibility in all of that. You must know how to assemble well. When galloping, the horse’s intrinsic qualities are considered even more. Horses also run much less than trot. I also find that you get into Team races much faster, with fewer starters. Foreign competition is now more intense. But I really enjoyed experiencing both.


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