“I am so proud of La Parisienne”

ParisTurf: What do you expect from your two boarders on Thursday at Chantilly?

Last Thursday, Berneuil that day didn’t get any better and the condition of the track probably served him. Since then, everything is back to normal and this time he should reveal his true face. For Laura Trezy, she won well on her debut but then disappointed twice. For this reason, we steered her to a handicap where it was difficult to tell if she was being counted at fair value, but on a first steps basis she seemed competitive to me.

The first semester is coming to an end. What conclusion do you draw from this?

He’s pretty good. Admittedly I prefer success (12) but have more second place (19). Also, we don’t race much because half of our team are 2-year-olds who haven’t seen the competition yet.

Among the satisfactions is clearly La Parisienne.

I’m very proud of my curvaceous body and her second place in the Prix de Diane. We have always cherished her and her entire program has been crafted to bring her the very best for this momentous meeting. She did this outing perfectly. The rest of the show has yet to be decided, but she could head to “Vermeille” (September 11) this fall, before being able to participate in the Arc (October 2). She will let us know.

The team’s other products, Miramar and Extra, have been experiencing different fortunes lately.

Miramar Apparently moved up in the category recently at Ascot and made a great run in this group I (5e of the Commonwealth Cup), facing high values. Her fifth place is commendable above all as she was absent for two months and was unable to participate in the Prix Texanita. At the end of July, she can perform at Goodwood. One possibility this summer in Deauville during the Prix Maurice de Gheest (August 7) ​​could also, a little later, in the Prix du Petit Couvert, especially since the soft ground doesn’t bother her. , completely opposite. For Moreit did not race in the Prix du Bois (5e), Sunday. The distance of 1,200 meters, which she discovered, did not explain it all. I find it less toned and we’ll do our analysis. Maybe she’ll go to the Yacowref tournament.

The three spikes in your barn are the females. How do you explain it?

I’ve always had a lot of success with women (laughs). Seriously, it’s luck. That said, we have a client base that is primarily focused on livestock, which could be one explanation.

Your success also depends on the training center Maisons-Laffitte.

It’s a wonderful place where everything is perfect. We’re happy to be there, just like Gianluca Bietonini, who also does amazing things with her residents. It is true that the premises are fragmented, unable to accommodate a large barn; Our current workforce, for example, is spread across two courts, not too far apart, but we’re working to unify them.

You showed up less in the jumps while your father showed himself there at the highest level. An option?

No, that’s the situation. The bulk is in the provinces and we cannot compete with these structures with lower pension prices in the Paris area. We also have owners who have left Maisons-Laffitte for the provinces. Currently, we only train two jumping horses, of which Flash Cliprecent winner at Auteuil.

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