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Under the mandate of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, I-CAD, the national identity document manager for domestic carnivores, is organizing the 4th edition of National Identity Week in France. This year, this awareness event will run from June 6-12 and will highlight the importance of identifying dogs and cats and the steps to follow throughout their lives.

National Identity Week June 6-12, 2022

Mandatory, identification should become a reflex for each owner of the dog(s) and/or cat(s). A highlight of identity awareness, this national week represents a unique opportunity to mobilize the general public and professionals in the field.

About this year’s program:

Call for Projects: This year, I-CAD has chosen to give the means to 3 animal welfare associations to realize their initiative by benefiting from a financial support of €5,000.
A cast of ambassadors “What makes my cat and/or dog unique!” »: 3 dogs and 3 cats will be elected as I-CAD ambassadors through a photo contest held on Facebook and Instagram. Owners are invited to share their animal photos with #cestMONanimal.
Training for ASVs (Specialized Veterinary Auxiliary Companies) and veterinarians to deepen their understanding of the topic of dog and cat identification. Offered in digital learning, it will allow participants to become “identified references”.
A big competition will also be organized by I-CAD and its partners for 5 weeks. This quiz will question their community on various key identity topics and will give participants access to a draw that will designate 10 winners. Many prizes will be for you!
Support from partners: Each partner carries out communication activities with its community: social media activities, dedicated content, newsletters, displays and leaflets… to support event.
A set of communications is provided to municipalities and other National I-CAD File rights holders who are invited to transition the system and raise awareness among their constituents.

A communication device completes this program:

Specific sites are devoted to identification and its processes throughout the animal’s life. They allow you to understand the simplicity but also the importance of identifying your animal and the procedures associated with it.
Dedicated content on social networks. Playful, educational and informative, they will aim to make matters of animal identification accessible to all.
Videos explaining the identification procedures will be available on Youtube.
From buying space to reaching future owners and holders. The media buying campaign will take effect from mid-May because of the summer break and will end at the end of September, a period traditionally favoring animal acquisitions.

I-CAD organizes national identity week with the support of shareholders – SNVEL (professional organization representing veterinarians in private practice) and SCC (Société Centrale Canine). The event aims to bring together French, experts in the field of “Indoor animals”, but also associations and municipalities around the challenges of identifying dogs and cats before the summer period, where a number of students drop out every year.

For 4 years, this meeting allows:

Raise public awareness through actions that educate and promote industry actors;
Advocating centrally-run cities for the management and shelter of animals in the city;
Highlight the words of experts and professionals involved in animal traceability.

Introduction to I-CAD

I-CAD is responsible for managing the National Identity Profile for domestic carnivores (cats, dogs and ferrets) under the authorization of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty.

The I-CAD National File is the largest database, both French and European, dedicated to domestic carnivores. Free and secure, this file is consulted and updated daily by all actors in the field involved in the traceability of domestic animals in France (veterinarians, breeders, artists) tattooing, mayor, police, gendarmerie, associations and other rights-holders, etc.).


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