In Lockeford, Amazon delivery drones are on the horizon and locals have their guns ready

Since a sensational announcement by Jeff Bezos in 2013, Amazon has been working on what looks like some idea of ​​the future – some idea of ​​hell, some might think. More trucks, more delivery people, more messages in the mailbox: deliveries will be made by air, thanks to drones that the Seattle company has been working on for years.

This floating idea suddenly became a reality when Amazon bluntly announced on June 13 that the community of the small semi-rural town of Lockeford (California) would be the first to benefit from air services. by PrimeAir.

At least if some of its members, exasperated with the sudden announcement and keeping the biggest secret from the city, don’t decide to fire their six shots, 22 long rifles, and their AR-15 to Shoot down the e-commerce giant’s majestic mail delivery wasps.

“Training Goals!”A local elderly person, interviewed by the Washington Post, who went to the field to measure the temperature, rather frozen, of residents was surprised that such an experiment fell on their home without really warning.

Why Lockford? As for its topography, climate, remote aspect, explain a insider at the Washington Post. “It’s a cowboy and you do what you want there”, he says. In a word: California’s no-go zones won’t say a word, and Amazon can quietly take advantage of the city’s vastness and silence to install a flying Far West and try it out. his experience.

Packages fell from the sky

Here’s how things will turn out, as reported by WaPo, if the Federal Aviation Administration approves. In mid-June, Amazon also began contacting locals within a 6.5-kilometer radius around the drone’s base and warehouse from which they will deliver the items.

Those who agree to sign will be able to order among products weighing less than 2.5 kg that the drone, with a wingspan of nearly 2 meters and a height of 1.2 meters, will drop at a specified location. fixed, from a height of just over 1 Meter.

But the future Amazon is envisioning doesn’t seem to excite all Lockeford residents equally, far from it. Many people worry about their privacy: Drones, of course, will need to be equipped with cameras to track their journeys and make small deliveries without aiming for nearby rooftops.

“I think they’ll search everything in our house”however, a resident of a small town in California told the Washington Post. Of course, the company wants complete peace of mind, especially when it comes to cameras and privacy. An Amazon spokesperson explained that the drones do not record any images of their round trips, adding that the data will only be used for deliveries and alone. .

According to him, one day delivery by drone will become as normal to us as small postal trucks passing by. The trial carried out in Lockeford will also help create jobs in the city. Perhaps in the police force: “If someone shoots one of our drones, they’re outlawed”still feel obliged to appoint a representative of the company.

Other jobs could also be created among local firefighters: Amazon’s giant delivery drone encountered some serious safety and reliability issues during testing experience, so there is no doubt that their delay and their failure sometimes cause quite serious fires.

Some residents haven’t completely shut down with Amazon’s initiative, backed by a group that appears to be under intense pressure from company bosses – a failure that could mean the end of the world. pure and simple program.

Others worry about this strange mix of rural America and a backward future. “I have a lot of farm animals and horses, and a drone can easily scare them awaypredict a rancher. Horses can run straight through a barbed wire fence or any kind of barrier if they sense danger. I have seen horses die of panic when they saw a hot air balloon. I would hate to witness something like this because the drones are flying where they are. “

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