In Margeride (Cantal), breeders suspect the wolf has attacked their sheep

According to herders’ memories, “it’s been more than a hundred years since we saw a wolf in Margeride”. It seems that today the predator has returned to the land of Cantal.

Witness Marc Chabanier, Saint-Flour North state delegate to the FDSEA, who was reported by several farmers in the area to suspected wolf attacks on their sheep, between April 10 to May 16. “In Cromasse (Ruynes-en-Margeride), in Paulhac en Margeride (Lozère), in Vabres, in Morle de Ruynes, in Clavières… And then on 24 April a wolf was seen. saw in Ruynes, around the 5th but also… started doing a lot,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

Gilles Tufféry, a sheep farmer in Ruynes-en-Margeride, claims, in fact, to have found four of his “slaughtered” sheep on April 12. “I’ve released about thirty. I often go to see them until evening, before going to bed. On April 11, they lay outside, because the weather was nice and quiet. The next morning, when I arrived, there were already four of them,” he boasted in the hard-to-see photos. Gilles was convinced of this: “It was the wolf. Because I know what a wild dog attack is, I had one a few years ago, and it wasn’t?! “.

Twelve sheep killed in three days in new attacks in Chavanac (Corrèze)

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And the results of taking samples from sheep carcasses by the French Biodiversity Office, sent to the scene at the request of the gendarmerie, do not rule out this possibility. This is evidenced by the letter that the breeder received on April 15 from the management of the territories to pay compensation to him. But if Gilles Tuffery has been compensated, he admits to being “worried that a herd is settling in Margeride” and “fears that this is the beginning of the end of the sheep”. “Helpers cannot replace ewes,” adds Marc Chabanier, who considers this attack “traumatic” for both the breeder and the rest of the herd.

A flock of sheep attacked by predators in Pérols-sur-Vézère (Corrèze)

Cantal’s FDSEA remains vigilant “that breeders must not be ignored”. And true to its point: “We don’t want a wolf in the Cantal, zero attack,” asserts Delphine Freyssinier, general secretary of the Federation, in charge of sensitive records. And the conclusion: “If you want to raise livestock in the ministry, you have to regulate it. »

Isabelle Barnerias


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